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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-01 Simple Method to Characterize the Ciliary Proteome of Multiciliated Cells Sim H.J.Yun S.Kim H.E.Kwon K.Y.Kim G.-H.Yun S.Byung Gyu KimKyungjae MyungTae Joo ParkTaejoon KwonByung Gyu KimKyungjae Myung
2019-12 GCA links TRAF6-ULK1-dependent autophagy activation in resistant chronic myeloid leukemia Han, SHKorm, SHan, YGChoi, SYKim, SHChung, HJPark, KKim, JYKyungjae MyungLee, JYHongtae KimKim, DWKyungjae MyungHongtae Kim
2019-12 ATAD5 promotes replication restart by regulating RAD51 and PCNA in response to replication stress Su Hyung ParkNalae KangSong E.Wie M.Eun A. LeeSunyoung HwangLee D.Jae Sun RaIn Bae ParkJieun ParkSukhyun KangJun Hong ParkHohng S.Kyoo-young LeeKyungjae MyungSu Hyung ParkNalae KangEun A. LeeSunyoung HwangJae Sun RaIn Bae ParkJieun ParkSukhyun KangJun Hong ParkKyoo-young LeeKyungjae Myung
2019-12 PCNA Unloading Is Negatively Regulated by BET Proteins Mi-Sun KangJinwoo KimEunjin RyuNa Young HaSunyoung HwangByung-Gyu KimJae Sun RaYeong Jae KimJung Me HwangKyungjae MyungSukhyun KangMi-Sun KangJinwoo KimNa Young HaSunyoung HwangJae Sun RaKyungjae MyungSukhyun Kang
2019-09 CTCF cooperates with CtIP to drive homologous recombination repair of double-strand breaks Soon Young HwangMi Ae KangChul Joon BaikYejin LeeNgo Thanh HangByung-Gyu KimJoo Seok HanJae-Hoon JeongDaechan ParkKyung Jae MyungJong-Soo LeeByung-Gyu KimJoo Seok HanKyung Jae Myung
2019-09 TonEBP Regulates PCNA Polyubiquitination in Response to DNA Damage through Interaction with SHPRH and USP1 Kang H.J.Park H.Yoo E.J.Lee J.H.Choi S.Y.Lee-Kwon W.Kyoo-young LeeHur J.-H.Seo J.K.Jae Sun RaEun-A. LeeKyungjae MyungKwon H.M.Kyoo-young LeeJae Sun RaEun-A. LeeKyungjae Myung
2019-03 Hypomorphic Mutations in TONSL Cause SPONASTRIME Dysplasia Chang H.R.Cho S.Y.Lee J.H.Lee E.Seo J.Lee H.R.Cavalcanti D.P.Mäkitie O.Valta H.Girisha K.M.Lee C.Neethukrishna K.Bhavani G.S.Shukla A.Nampoothiri S.Phadke S.R.Park M.J.Ikegawa S.Wang Z.Higgs M.R.Stewart G.S.Jung E.Lee M.-S.Park J.H.Eun A. LeeHongtae KimKyungjae MyungJeon W.Lee K.Kim D.Kim O.-H.Choi M.Lee H.-W.Kim Y.Cho T.-J.Eun A. LeeHongtae KimKyungjae Myung
2019-02 Tonicity-responsive enhancer binding protein promotes hepatocellular carcinogenesis, recurrence, and metastasisHighly Cited Paper Jun Ho LeeJae Hee SuhSoo Youn ChoiHyun Je KangHwan Hee LeeByeong Jin YeGap Ryol LeeSeok Won JungChang Jae KimWhaseon Lee-KwonJiyoung ParkKyungjae MyungNeung Hwa ParkHyug Moo KwonKyungjae MyungHyug Moo Kwon
2018-10 TRIP13 and APC15 drive mitotic exit by turnover of interphase- and unattached kinetochore-produced MCC Dong Hyun KimJoo Seok HanPeter LyQiaozhen YeMoria A. McMahonKyungjae MyungKevin D. CorbettDon W. ClevelandJoo Seok HanKyungjae Myung
2018-10 The E3 ubiquitin ligase TRIM25 regulates adipocyte differentiation via proteasome-mediated degradation of PPARγ Jae Min LeeSun Sil ChoiYo Han LeeKeon Woo KhimSora YoonByung-gyu KimDougu NamPann-Ghill SuhKyungjae MyungJang Hyun ChoiByung-gyu KimKyungjae Myung
2018-10 ITGBL1 modulates integrin activity to promote cartilage formation and protect against arthritis Eun Kyung JeonJimin JeonDong Gil JangHa Eun KimHyo Jung SimKeun Yeong KwonMedina-Ruíz, SofíaHyun Jun JangAh Reum LeeJun Gi RhoHyun Shik LeeSeok Jung KimChan Young ParkKyungjae MyungWook KimTaejoon KwonSiyoung YangTae Joo ParkEun Kyung JeonKyungjae Myung
2018-06 A novel mechanism of regulation of SHPRH by circular RNA, circ-SHPRH in glioblastoma Shinseog KimSoomin KimYuri SeoKyung Jae MyungShinseog KimSoomin KimYuri SeoKyung Jae Myung
2018-05 SHPRH as a new player in ribosomal RNA transcription and its potential role in homeostasis of ribosomal DNA repeats Deokjae LeeJun Hong ParkShinseog KimSeon-gyeong LeeKyungjae MyungJun Hong ParkShinseog KimSeon-gyeong LeeKyungjae Myung
2018-02 Xenopus: An alternative model system for identifying muco-active agents Sim H.J.Kim S.-H.Kyung-Jae MyungKwon T.Lee H.-S.Tae Joo ParkKyung-Jae MyungTae Joo Park
2017-04 Microhomology-mediated end joining induces hypermutagenesis at breakpoint junctions Sinha S.Li F.Villarreal D.Shim J.H.Yoon S.Kyungjae MyungShim E.Y.Lee S.E.
2017-10 Cobll1: A new player in CML Hongtae KimDong-Wook KimKyungjae MyungKyungjae Myung
2017-09 Direct diversification of unmasked quinazolin-4(3H)-ones through orthogonal reactivity modulation Jae Bin LeeMi Eun KangJoohee KimChang Young LeeJung-Min KeeKyungjae MyungJang-Ung ParkSung You HongKyungjae MyungSung You Hong
2017-07 Cobll1 is linked to drug resistance and blastic transformation in chronic myeloid leukemia SH HanS-H KimH-J KimYoonsung LeeS-Y ChoiG ParkD-H KimA LeeJ KimJ-M ChoiY KimKyungjae MyungHongtae KimD-W KimYoonsung LeeKyungjae MyungHongtae Kim
2017-04 An Annulative Synthetic Strategy for Building Triphenylene Frameworks by Multiple C−H Bond Activations Bijoy P. MathewHyun Ji YangJoohee KimJae Bin LeeYun-Tae KimSungmin LeeChang Young LeeWonyoung ChoeKyungjae MyungJang-Ung ParkSung You HongBijoy P. MathewKyungjae MyungSung You Hong
2017-02 Efficient copper catalysts for C[sbnd]H bond arylation under microwave heating: Direct access to multi-substituted pivanilides Yang H.J.Bijoy P. MathewOh D.G.Kyungjae MyungKwak J.H.Sung You HongBijoy P. MathewKyungjae MyungSung You Hong
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