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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-01 3 '-Sialyllactose protects against osteoarthritic development by facilitating cartilage homeostasis Jeon, JKang, LJLee, KMCho, CEun Kyung SongKim, WTae Joo ParkYang, S
2018-10 The E3 ubiquitin ligase TRIM25 regulates adipocyte differentiation via proteasome-mediated degradation of PPARγ Jae Min LeeSun Sil ChoiYo Han LeeKeon Woo KhimSora YoonByung-gyu KimDougu NamPann-Ghill SuhKyungjae MyungJang Hyun ChoiByung-gyu KimKyungjae Myung
2018-10 Sequence-dependent DNA condensation as a driving force of DNA phase separation Hyunju KangJejoong YooByeong-Kwon SohnSeung-Won LeeHong Soo LeeWenjie MaJung-Min KeeAleksei AksimentievHajin KimJejoong YooHajin Kim
2018-09 The chromatin remodeler RSF1 controls centromeric histone modifications to coordinate chromosome segregation Ho-Soo LeeZhonghui LinSunyoung ChaeYoung-Suk YooByung-Gyu KimYoungsoo LeeJared L. JohnsonYou-Sun KimLewis C. CantleyChang-Woo LeeHongtao YuHyeseong ChoByung-Gyu Kim
2018-06 A novel mechanism of regulation of SHPRH by circular RNA, circ-SHPRH in glioblastoma Shinseog KimSoomin KimYuri SeoKyung Jae MyungShinseog KimSoomin KimYuri SeoKyung Jae Myung
2018-05 SHPRH as a new player in ribosomal RNA transcription and its potential role in homeostasis of ribosomal DNA repeats Deokjae LeeJun Hong ParkShinseog KimSeon-gyeong LeeKyungjae MyungJun Hong ParkShinseog KimSeon-gyeong LeeKyungjae Myung
2018-02 Blockade of cannabinoid 1 receptor improves glucose responsiveness in pancreatic beta cells Hanho ShinJi Hye HanJuhwan YoonHyo Jung SimTae Joo ParkSiyoung YangEun Kyung LeeRohit N. KulkarniJosephine M. EganWook KimHyo Jung Sim
2018-02 Xenopus: An alternative model system for identifying muco-active agents Sim H.J.Kim S.-H.Kyung-Jae MyungKwon T.Lee H.-S.Tae Joo ParkKyung-Jae MyungTae Joo Park
2017-11 FANCI and FANCD2 have common as well as independent functions during the cellular replication stress response Elizabeth L. ThompsonJung E. YeoEun-A LeeYinan KanMaya RaghunandanConstanze WiekHelmut HanenbergOrlando D. Sch¨arerEric A. HendricksonAlexandra Sobeck
2017-04 TET family dioxygenases and DNA demethylation in stem cells and cancers Jungeun AnAnjana RaoMyunggon Ko
2017-09 Direct diversification of unmasked quinazolin-4(3H)-ones through orthogonal reactivity modulation Jae Bin LeeMi Eun KangJoohee KimChang Young LeeJung-Min KeeKyungjae MyungJang-Ung ParkSung You HongKyungjae MyungSung You Hong
2017-04 An Annulative Synthetic Strategy for Building Triphenylene Frameworks by Multiple C−H Bond Activations Bijoy P. MathewHyun Ji YangJoohee KimJae Bin LeeYun-Tae KimSungmin LeeChang Young LeeWonyoung ChoeKyungjae MyungJang-Ung ParkSung You HongBijoy P. MathewKyungjae MyungSung You Hong
2017-02 Efficient copper catalysts for C[sbnd]H bond arylation under microwave heating: Direct access to multi-substituted pivanilides Yang H.J.Bijoy P. MathewOh D.G.Kyungjae MyungKwak J.H.Sung You HongBijoy P. MathewKyungjae MyungSung You Hong
2016-12 Crystal structure of Mdm12 reveals the architecture and dynamic organization of the ERMES complex Jeong H.Park J.Changwook LeeChangwook Lee
2016-11 A palladium and gold catalytic system enables direct access to O- and S-linked non-natural glyco-conjugates Min Ho JeonBijoy P. MathewMalleswara Rao KuramKyungjae MyungSung You HongBijoy P. MathewMalleswara Rao KuramKyungjae MyungSung You Hong
2016-07 A novel chemotherapeutic agent to treat tumors with DNA mismatch repair deficiencies Zhang Y.Fox J.T.Young-Un ParkElliott G.Rai G.Cai M.Sakamuru S.Huang R.Xia M.Lee K.Jeon M.H.Bijoy P. MathewPark H.D.Edelmann W.Park C.Y.Sung You HongMaloney D.Kyungjae MyungYoung-Un ParkBijoy P. MathewSung You HongKyungjae Myung
2016-06 C-H bond arylation of anilides inside copper-exchanged zeolites Bijoy P. MathewYang H.J.Jeon H.Lee J.H.Kim J.C.Shin T.J.Kyungjae MyungKwak S.K.Kwak J.H.Sung You HongBijoy P. MathewKyungjae MyungSung You Hong