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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Academic research inspired design of an expository organic chemistry lab courseThomas Taehyung Kim; Hyunwoo Kim; Sunkyu Han
2015-05Accelerated dynamic cardiac MRI exploiting sparse-Kalman-smoother self-calibration and reconstruction (k - T SPARKS)Suhyung Park; Jaeseok Park
2019-03Accelerating the BSM interpretation of LHC data with machine learningGianfranco Bertone; Marc Peter Deisenroth; Jong Soo Kim, et al
2015-11Acceleration of reaction in charged microdropletsJae Kyoo Lee; Shibdas Banerjee; Hong Gil Nam, et al
2018-10Accessing the Intrinsic Spin Transport in a Topological Insulator by Controlling the Crossover of Bulk-to-Surface ConductanceWonhee Ko; Giang D. Nguyen; Hoil Kim, et al
2017-03ACCORD: an assessment tool to determine the orientation of homodimeric coiled-coilsByeong-Won Kim; Yang Ouk Jung; Min Kyung Kim, et al
2015-07Accurate Diffusion Coefficients of Organosoluble Reference Dyes in Organic Media Measured by Dual-Focus Fluorescence Correlation SpectroscopyKarel Goossens; Mira Prior; Victor Pacheco, et al
2018-08Accurate projective two-band description of topological superfluidity in spin-orbit-coupled Fermi gasesJoachim Brand; Lauri Toikka; Ulrich Zülicke
2019-08Accurate single-shot measurement technique for the spectral distribution of GeV electron beams from a laser wakefield acceleratorC. I. Hojbota; Hyung Taek Kim; Jung Hun Shin, et al
2014-07Acetylated 1,3-diaminopropane antagonizes abscisic acid-mediated stomatal closing in ArabidopsisFabien Jammes; Nathalie Leonhardt; Daniel Tran, et al
2019-08Achieving breakthrough performance caused by optimized metal foam flow field in fuel cellsJi Eun Park; Wonchan Hwang; Myung Su Lim, et al
2015-11Achieving outstanding Li+-ORR and -OER activities via edge- and corner-embedded bimetallic nanocubes for rechargeable Li-O2 batteriesJung, J.; Song, K.; Bae, Y., et al
2019-07Achieving the laser intensity of 5.5×1022 W/cm2 with a wavefront-corrected multi-PW laserJIN WOO YOON; CHEONHA JEON; JUNGHOON SHIN, et al
2015-02Acid catalytic function of mesopore walls generated by MFI zeolite desilication in comparison with external surfaces of MFI zeolite nanosheetJinhwan Jung; Changbum Jo; Filipe Marques Mota, et al
2020-03Acoustic vortex beams in synthetic magnetic fieldsIrving Rondón; Daniel Leykam
2015-04Actin remodelling factors control ciliogenesis by regulating YAP/TAZ activity and vesicle traffickingJongshin Kim; Haiin Jo; Hyowon Hong, et al
2019-07Activation of Astrocytic μ-Opioid Receptor Causes Conditioned Place PreferenceMin-Ho Nam; Kyung-Seok Han; Jaekwang Lee, et al
2016-09Activation of C-F bonds in fluoroarenes by N-heterocyclic carbenes as an effective route to synthesize abnormal NHC complexesYoungsuk Kim; Eunsung Lee
2015-12Activation of CO and CO2 on homonuclear boron bonds of fullerene-like BN cages: First principles studySinthika S.; Kumar E.M.; Surya V.J., et al
2016-02Activation of micropore-confined sulfur within hierarchical porous carbon for lithium-sulfur batteriesJung-Joon Kim; Kim H.S.; Ahn J., et al