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Andreanov, Alexey

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-03 Partial quantum revivals of localized condensates in distorted lattices Dogyun KoMeng SunAlexei AndreanovY. G. RuboI. G. SavenkoDogyun KoMeng SunAlexei AndreanovI. G. Savenko
2020-01 Locally Optimal 2-Periodic Sphere Packings Alexei AndreanovYoav KallusAlexei Andreanov
2019-12 Taming two interacting particles with disorder Diana ThongjaomayumAlexei AndreanovThomas EnglSergej FlachDiana ThongjaomayumAlexei AndreanovThomas EnglSergej Flach
2019-03 Resonant frequencies and spatial correlations in frustrated arrays of Josephson type nonlinear oscillators Andreanov, AlexeyMikhail, FistulAndreanov, AlexeyMikhail, Fistul
2019-01 Necessary and sufficient conditions for flat bands in M-dimensional N-band lattices with complex-valued nearest-neighbour hopping L A ToikkaA AndreanovL A ToikkaA Andreanov
2018-06 Artificial flat band systems: from lattice models to experimentsHighly Cited Paper Leykam, DanielAndreanov, AlexeySergej, FlachLeykam, DanielAndreanov, AlexeySergej, Flach
2017-10 Chiral flat bands: Existence, engineering, and stability Ajith RamachandranAlexei AndreanovSergej Flach
2017-03 Compact localized states and flat-band generators in one dimension Wulayimu MaimaitiAlexey AndreanovHee Chul ParkOleg GendelmanSergej Flach
2017-01 Interacting ultracold atomic kicked rotors: Loss of dynamical localization Pinquan QinAlexei AndreanovHee Chul ParkSergej Flach
2016-11 Extreme lattices: symmetries and decorrelation A AndreanovA ScardicchioS TorquatoA Andreanov