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Kim, Yonghwi

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2017-11 Triazenyl Radicals Stabilized by N-Heterocyclic Carbenes Jisu BackJunbeom ParkYoungsuk KimHaneol KangYonghwi KimMoon Jeong ParkKimoon KimEunsung LeeJisu BackYonghwi KimKimoon KimEunsung Lee
2017-10 Point-of-Use Detection of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants with Host-Molecule-Functionalized Organic Transistors Yoonjung JangMoonjeong JangHyoeun KimSang Jin LeeEunyeong JinJin Young KooIn-Chul HwangYonghwi KimYoung Ho KoIlha HwangJoon Hak OhKimoon KimYoonjung JangIn-Chul HwangYonghwi KimYoung Ho KoIlha HwangKimoon Kim
2017-03 Synthetic control of coincidental formation of an N-heterocyclic carbene-copper(i) complex and imidazolium cations within metal-organic frameworks Hyun-Jung LeeKwon H.Sim J.Dalnim SongYonghwi KimKim J.Kimoon KimEunsung LeeHyun-Jung LeeYonghwi KimKimoon KimEunsung Lee
2016-10 Efficient synthesis of bulky N-Heterocyclic carbene ligands for coinage metal complexes Youngsuk KimYonghwi KimMoon Young HurEunsung LeeYoungsuk KimYonghwi KimMoon Young HurEunsung Lee
2016-10 How Does Solvation Affect the Binding of Hydrophilic Amino Saccharides to Cucurbit[7]uril with Exceptional Anomeric Selectivity? Jianping WangYoonjung JangJayshree K. KhedkarJin Young KooYonghwi KimChang Jun LeeYoung Min RheeKimoon KimJianping WangYoonjung JangJayshree K. KhedkarYonghwi KimChang Jun LeeYoung Min RheeKimoon Kim
2016-04 Light-Induced Acid Generation on a Gatekeeper for Smart Nitric Oxide Delivery Hyung Woo ChoiJihoon KimKim J.Yonghwi KimSong H.B.Kim J.H.Kimoon KimWon Jong KimHyung Woo ChoiJihoon KimYonghwi KimKimoon KimWon Jong Kim
2016-03 The guest-dependent thermal response of the flexible MOF Zn2(BDC)2(DABCO) Yonghwi KimRitesh HaldarKim H.Jaehyoung KooKimoon KimYonghwi KimRitesh HaldarJaehyoung KooKimoon Kim
2015-11 Hydrolytic Transformation of Microporous Metal-Organic Frameworks to Hierarchical Micro- and Mesoporous MOFs Yonghwi KimTao YangGyeongwon YunMohammad Bagher GhasemianJaehyoung KooEunsung LeeCho, S.J.Kimoon KimYonghwi KimTao YangGyeongwon YunMohammad Bagher GhasemianEunsung LeeKimoon Kim
2015-11 Porphyrin Boxes: Rationally Designed Porous Organic Cages Soonsang HongMd. Rumum RohmanJiangtao JiaYoungkook KimMoon, D.Yonghwi KimYoung Ho KoEunsung LeeKimoon KimSoonsang HongMd. Rumum RohmanJiangtao JiaYonghwi KimYoung Ho KoEunsung LeeKimoon Kim
2015-04 N-Heterocyclic Carbene Nitric Oxide Radicals Park J.Song H.Kim Y.Bit EunYonghwi KimDae Young BaeSungho ParkYoung Min RheeWon Jong KimKimoon KimEunsung LeeBit EunYonghwi KimYoung Min RheeWon Jong KimKimoon KimEunsung Lee