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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2015-05 Au-ag core-shell nanoparticle array by block copolymer lithography for synergistic broadband plasmonic properties Seung Keun ChaMun J.H.Chang T.Sang Yun KimJu Young KimHyeong Min JinJeong Yong LeeShin J.Kim K.H.Kim S.O.Seung Keun ChaJu Young KimJeong Yong LeeKim S.O.
2015-05 Spin Cast PDMS Film Supported Versatile and Transferrable Block Copolymer Lithography Seokhan ParkJe Moon YunHyoung-Seok MoonSang Ouk KimSeokhan ParkSang Ouk Kim
2015-04 Liquid crystallinity driven highly aligned large graphene oxide composites Kyung Eun LeeJung Jae OhTaeyeong YunSang Ouk KimKyung Eun LeeSang Ouk Kim
2015-03 Synergistic Concurrent Enhancement of Charge Generation, Dissociation, and Transport in Organic Solar Cells with Plasmonic Metal-Carbon Nanotube Hybrids Ju Min LeeJoonwon LimNayeun LeeHyung Il ParkKyung Eun LeeTaewoo JeonSoo Ah NamKim, JShin, JSang Ouk KimJu Min LeeJoonwon LimSang Ouk Kim
2015-03 High-performance nanopattern triboelectric generator by block copolymer lithography Kim D.Jeon S.-B.Kim J.Y.Seol M.-L.Kim S.O.Choi Y.-K.Kim S.O.
2015-02 Anomalous rapid defect annihilation in self-assembled nanopatterns by defect melting Bong Hoon KimPark S.J.Hyeong Min JinJu Young KimSon S.-W.Kim M.-H.Koo C.M.Shin J.Kim J.U.Sang Ouk KimBong Hoon KimJu Young KimSang Ouk Kim
2015-01 Systematic Study on the Sensitivity Enhancement in Graphene Plasmonic Sensors Based on Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembled Graphene Oxide Multi layers and Their Reduced Analogues Chung, KRani, ALee, JEJi Eun KimKim, YYang, HSang Ouk KimKim, DKim, DHJi Eun KimSang Ouk Kim
2015-01 Atomic layer deposition encapsulated activated carbon electrodes for high voltage stable supercapacitors Kijoo HongCho M.Sang Ouk KimKijoo HongSang Ouk Kim
2014-10 Nanowire random networks : Sang Ouk Kim discusses nanopatterning and the directed self-assembly of block copolymers Jeong, SJSang Ouk Kim
2014-09 Highly efficient inverted polymer light-emitting diodes using surface modifications of ZnO layer Lee, BRJung, EDPark, JSNam, YSMin, SHKim, BSLee, KMJeong, JRFriend, RHKim, JSSang Ouk KimSong, MH
2014-12 Production of novel FeOOH/reduced graphene oxide hybrids and their performance as oxygen reduction reaction catalysts Lee, SCheon, JYWon Jun LeeSang Ouk KimJoo, SHPark, SWon Jun LeeSang Ouk Kim
2014-12 Semiconducting Polymers with Nanocrystallites Interconnected via Boron-Doped Carbon Nanotubes Yu, KJu Min LeeKim, JKim, GKang, HPark, BKahng, YHKwon, SLee, SLee, BHKim, JHyung Il ParkSang Ouk KimLee, KJu Min LeeHyung Il ParkSang Ouk Kim
2014-12 Rheological properties of graphene oxide liquid crystal Pradip KumarUday Narayan MaitiKyung Eun LeeSang Ouk KimPradip KumarUday Narayan MaitiKyung Eun LeeSang Ouk Kim
2014-10 Negative-Tone Block Copolymer Lithography by In Situ Surface Chemical Modification Bong Hoon KimByeon, KJJu Young KimKim, JHyeong Min JinCho, JYJeong, SJJonghwa ShinLee, HSang Ouk KimBong Hoon KimJu Young KimSang Ouk Kim
2014-09 Graphene oxide-assisted production of carbon nitrides using a solution process and their photocatalytic activity Oh J.Lee S.Zhang K.Jin Ok HwangHan J.Park G.Sang Ouk KimPark J.H.Park S.Jin Ok HwangSang Ouk Kim
2014-09 Electroless bimetal decoration on N-doped carbon nanotubes and graphene for oxygen reduction reaction catalysts Won Jun LeeDong Sung ChoiSun Hwa LeeJoonwon LimJi Eun KimDong Jun LiGil Yong LeeSang Ouk KimWon Jun LeeDong Sung ChoiSang Ouk Kim
2014-09 Nanodomain Swelling Block Copolymer Lithography for Morphology Tunable Metal Nanopatterning Jeong Ho MunSeung Keun ChaKim, HyowookHyoung-Seok MoonJuyoung KimHyeong Min JinYoung Joo ChoiJeong Eun BaekJonghwa ShinSang Ouk KimJeong Ho MunJuyoung KimSang Ouk Kim
2014-07 Nitrogen-Doped carbon nanotubes and graphene composite structures for energy and catalytic applicationsHighly Cited Paper Won Jun LeeMaiti UdaynarayanJu Min LeeJoonwon LimTae Hee HanSang Ouk KimWon Jun LeeMaiti UdaynarayanJu Min LeeJoonwon LimSang Ouk Kim
2014-07 Atomic layer deposition assisted pattern multiplicatino of block copolymer lithography for 5nm scale nanopatterning Hyoung-Seok MoonJu Young KimHyeong Min JinWoo Jae LeeHyeon Jin ChoiJeong Ho MunYoung Joo ChoiSeung Keun ChaSe Hun KwonSang Ouk KimHyoung-Seok MoonJu Young KimSang Ouk Kim
2014-07 Wrinkle-Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers for Aligning of Nanowire Arrays Bong Hoon KimYemuk ChoiJu Young KimHyunjae ShinSungyong KimSeung-Woo SonSang Ouk KimPilnam KimBong Hoon KimJu Young KimSang Ouk Kim
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