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Kim, Ho Min

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단백질 커뮤니케이션 그룹

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-04 Structural basis of the fanconi anemia-associated mutations within the FANCA and FANCG complex Jeong E.Seong-Gyu LeeHyun-Suk KimJihyeon YangShin J.Kim Y.Kim J.Orlando D. Sch¨arerKim Y.Jung-Eun YeoHomin KimCho Y.Seong-Gyu LeeHyun-Suk KimJihyeon YangOrlando D. Sch¨arerJung-Eun YeoHomin Kim
2020-01 Non-invasive optical control of endogenous Ca2+ channels in awake mice Kim S.Taeyoon KyungChung J.-H.Nury KimSehoon KeumLee J.Park H.Ho Min KimSangkyu LeeHee-Sup ShinWon Do HeoTaeyoon KyungNury KimSehoon KeumHo Min KimSangkyu LeeHee-Sup ShinWon Do Heo
2020-01 Structure-based glycoengineering of interferon lambda 4 enhances its productivity and anti-viral potency Chung J.-H.Hong S.-H.Seo N.Kim T.-S.An H.J.Lee P.Shin E.-C.Ho Min KimHo Min Kim
2019-11 Fabrication of rigidity and space variable protein oligomers with two peptide linkers Choi, HPark, HSon, KHo Min KimJung, YHo Min Kim
2019-03 Pro-angiogenic Ginsenosides F1 and Rh1 Inhibit Vascular Leakage by Modulating NR4A1 Kang J.I.Choi Y.Cui C.-H.Lee D.Kim S.C.Ho Min KimHo Min Kim
2019-02 Synaptic organizer: Slitrks and type IIa receptor protein tyrosine phosphatasess Won S.Y.Lee P.Ho Min KimHo Min Kim
2018-11 Coiled-coil structure-dependent interactions between polyQ proteins and Foxo lead to dendrite pathology and behavioral defects Min Jee KwonMyeong Hoon HanJoshua A. BagleyDo Young HyeonByung Su KoYun Mi LeeIn Jun ChaSeung Yeol KimDong Young KimHo Min KimDaehee HwangSung Bae LeeYuh Nung JanDo Young HyeonHo Min KimDaehee Hwang
2018-04 Neuronal calcium channel alpha(1) subunit interacts with AMPA receptor, increasing its cell surface localisation Bo Am SeoJung-Ha LeeHo Min KimMyoung-Goo KangBo Am SeoHo Min KimMyoung-Goo Kang
2016-08 SALM4 suppresses excitatory synapse development by cis-inhibiting trans-synaptic SALM3-LAR adhesion Eunkyung LieJi Seung KoSu-Yeon ChoiJunyeop Daniel RohYi Sul ChoRan NohDoyoun KimYan LiHyeyeon KangTae-Yong ChoiJungyoung NamWon MahDongmin LeeSeung-Gyu LeeHo Min KimHyun KimSe-Young ChoiJi Won UmMyoung-Goo KangYong Chul BaeJaewon KoEunjoon KimSu-Yeon ChoiJunyeop Daniel RohRan NohDoyoun KimYan LiHo Min KimMyoung-Goo KangEunjoon Kim
2016-05 SALM5 trans-synaptically interacts with LAR-RPTPs in a splicing-dependent manner to regulate synapse development Yeonsoo ChoiJungyong NamDaniel J. WhitcombYoo Sung SongDoyoun KimSangmin JeonJi Won UmSeong-Gyu LeeJooyeon WooSeok-Kyu KwonYan LiWon MahHo Min KimJaewon KoKwangwook ChoEunjoon KimDoyoun KimYan LiHo Min KimEunjoon Kim
2016-04 Neurotrophin-3 regulates synapse development by modulating TrkC-PTPσ synaptic adhesion and intracellular signaling pathways Kyung Ah HanDoyeon WooSeungjoon KimGayoung ChoiiSangmin JeonSeung Youn WonHo Min KimWon Do HeoJi Won UmJaewon KoDoyeon WooHo Min KimWon Do Heo
2014-11 Structural basis for LAR-RPTP/Slitrk complex-mediated synaptic adhesion Ji Won UmKee Hun KimBeom Seok ParkYeonsoo ChoiDoyoun KimCha Yeon KimSoo Jin KimMinhye KimJi Seung KoSeong-Gyu LeeGayoung ChoiiJungyong NamWon Do HeoEun Joon KimJie-Oh LeeJaewon KoHo Min KimYeonsoo ChoiDoyoun KimWon Do HeoEun Joon KimHo Min Kim