Journal Papers (저널논문)71

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-03Knockdown of phospholipase C-β1 in the medial prefrontal cortex of male mice impairs working memory among multiple schizophrenia endophenotypesSeong-Wook Kim; Minsun Seo; Duk-Soo Kim, et al
2017-11Mice in social conflict show rule-observance behavior enhancing long-term benefitIl-Hwan Choe; Junweon Byun; Ko Keun Kim, et al
2017-04Efficient method for whole-cell recording in freely moving rodents using ultraviolet-cured collar-based pipette stabilizationDoyun Lee; Albert K. Lee
2017-04In vivo patch-clamp recording in awake head-fixed rodentsDoyun Lee; Albert K. Lee
2017-04Whole-cell recording in the awake brainDoyun Lee; Albert K. Lee
2016-11Rodent models for studying empathySehoon Keum; Hee-Sup Shin
2016-08Real-Time Imaging Reveals Properties of Glutamate-Induced Arc/Arg 3.1 Translation in Neuronal DendritesYoun Na; Sungjin Park; Changhee Lee, et al
2017-09Advanced glycation end-products produced systemically and by macrophages: A common contributor to inflammation and degenerative diseasesHighly Cited PaperKyunghee Byun; YongCheol Yoo; Myeongjoo Son, et al
2015-02New Milestones in the Development of Characterization Tools for Neurodegenerative Diseases in ProteomicsAndreas Schrotter; Fouzi EI Magraoui; Katrin Marcus, et al
2015-01Amyloid-Beta-Activated Human Microglial Cells Through ERResident ProteinsYong Cheol Yoo; Kyunghee Byun; Taewook Kang, et al
2018-01Targeted knockout of a chemokine-like gene increases anxiety and fear responsesJung-Hwa Choi; Yun-Mi Jeong; Sujin Kim, et al
2018-09The Possible Role of Neurobeachin in Extinction of Contextual Fear MemoryBoyoung Lee; Eunyoung Bang; Won Suk Yang, et al
2018-10Stress-induced changes in social dominance are scaled by AMPA-type glutamate receptor phosphorylation in the medial prefrontal cortexMin-Jung Park; Bo Am Seo; Boyoung Lee, et al
2016-08Integrated Proteomic Pipeline Using Multiple Search Engines for a Proteogenomic Study with a Controlled Protein False Discovery RateGun Wook Park; Heeyoun Hwang; Kwang Hoe Kim, et al
2018-06Overcoming Depression by Inhibition of Neural Burst FiringDaesoo Kim; Eunji Cheong; Hee-Sup Shin
2014-04T-type Ca2+ channels in absence epilepsyEunji Cheong; Shin Hee Sup
2014-12T-type Ca2+ channels facilitate NO-formation, vasodilatation and NO-mediated modulation of blood pressurePer Svenningsen; Kenneth Andersen; Anne D. Thuesen, et al
2015-06Proteome-wide characterization of signalling interactions in the hippocampal CA4/DG subfield of patients with Alzheimer's diseaseJae Ho Kim; Julien Franck; Taewook Kang, et al
2017-05Attention to multiple objects facilitates their integration in prefrontal and parietal cortexYee-Joon Kim; Jeffrey J. Tsai; Jeffrey Ojemann, et al
2016-07Protein arginine methylation facilitates KCNQ channel-PIP2 interaction leading to seizure suppressionHyun-Ji Kim; Myong-Ho Jeong; Kyung-Ran Kim, et al
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