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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-07Temperature dependence of the electronic structure of two-dimensional Na gas on the Si(111)-7 x 7 surfaceShin, H-C; Seo, J. T.; Yeom, H. W., et al
2013-10Upper critical magnetic field and vortex-free state in very thin epitaxial δ-MoN films grown by polymer-assisted depositionHaberkorn N.; Zhang Y.Y.; Jeehoon Kim, et al
2013-11Quantum Confinement Effects in Transferrable Silicon Nanomembranes and Their Applications on Unusual SubstratesJang, Houk; Lee, Wonho; Won, Sang M., et al
2013-10Metal-insulator transition on the Si(111)4 x 1-In surface with oxygen impuritySang Hoon Uhm; Han Woong Yeom
2013-11Lattice and orbital fluctuations in TiPO4Dirk Wulferding; Moller, A.; Choi, K.Y., et al
2014-01Patternable large-scale molybdenium disulfide atomic layers grown by gold-assisted chemical vapor depositionIntek Song; Chibeom Park; Misun Hong, et al
2014-02A 3.5 V Lithium-Iodine Hybrid Redox Battery with Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Current CollectorZhao, Yu; Misun Hong; Mercier, Nadège Bonnet, et al
2014-03Electroluminescence from Graphene Quantum Dots Prepared by Amidative Cutting of Tattered GraphiteKwon, W; Kim, YH; Lee, CL, et al
2014-04The role of intrinsic defects in methylammonium lead iodide perovskiteHighly Cited PaperKim, J.; Sung Hoon Lee; Lee, J.H., et al
2014-07Atomic Layer-by-Layer Thermoelectric Conversion in Topological Insulator Bismuth/Antimony TelluridesJi Ho Sung; Hoseok Heo; Inchan Hwang, et al
2014-07Two-Dimensionally Grown Single-Crystal Silicon Nanosheets with Tunable Visible-light EmissionsSung Wook Kim; Jaejun Lee; Ji Ho Sung, et al
2014-08Crystallization-Induced Properties from Morphology-Controlled Organic CrystalsChilbeom Park; Ji Eun Park; Hee Cheul Choi
2014-09Increment of the collective pinning energy in Na1-xCaxFe2As2 single crystals with random point defects introduced by proton irradiationN Haberkorn; Jeehoon Kim; Maiorov, B, et al
2014-11Stretchable energy-harvesting tactile electronic skin capable of differentiating multiple mechanical stimuli modesHighly Cited PaperPark S.; Kim H.; Vosgueritchian M., et al
2014-04Edge and interfacial states in a two-dimensional topological insulator: Bi(111) bilayer on Bi2Te2SeSung Hwan Kim; Jin K.-H.; Park J., et al
2014-05Bilayer splitting and wave functions symmetry in Sr3Ir2O7Moreschini, L.; Moser, S.; Ebrahimi, A., et al
2014-09Relation between cuprate superconductivity and magnetism: A Raman study of (CaLa)1(BaLa)2Cu3 OyDirk Wulferding; Shay M.; Drachuck G., et al
2014-09Direct observation of the spin polarization in Au atomic wires on Si(553)H W Yeom; Sung Won Jung; Jin Sung Shin, et al
2014-10Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy of tetragonal CuO: Evidence for intralayer coupling between cupratelike sublatticesMoser S.; Moreschini L.; Yang H.-Y., et al
2014-10Oxygen adsorbates on the Si(111) 4×1 -In metallic atomic wire: Scanning tunneling microscopy and density-functional theory calculationsDeok Mahn Oh; Wippermann S.; Schmidt W.G., et al
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