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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05R parity from string compactificationJihn E. Kim
2014-07R. S. WebTool, a web server for random sampling-based significance evaluation of pairwise distancesVilliers, F; Bastien, O; June Myoung Kwak
2017-11Radially Phase Segregated PtCu@PtCuNi Dendrite@Frame Nanocatalyst for the Oxygen Reduction ReactionJongsik Park; Mrinal Kanti Kabiraz; Hyukbu Kwon, et al
2020-03Radiation hardness study for the COMET Phase-I electronicsYu Nakazawa; Yuki Fujii; Ewen Gillies, et al
2016-07Radiation pressure acceleration of protons to 93 MeV with circularly polarized petawatt laser pulsesI Jong Kim; Ki Hong Pae; Il Woo Choi, et al
2019-09Radiative corrections to triple Higgs coupling and electroweak phase transition: Beyond one-loop analysisEibun Senaha
2018-06Radio telescope search for the resonant conversion of cold dark matter axions from the magnetized astrophysical sourcesFa Peng Huang; Kenji Kadota; Toyokazu Sekiguchi, et al
2018-05Radiogenomics correlation between MR imaging features and major genetic profiles in glioblastomaEun Kyoung Hong; Seung Hong Choi; Dong Jae Shin, et al
2018-10Radiogenomics Profiling for Glioblastoma-related Immune Cells Reveals CD49d Expression Correlation with MRI parameters and PrognosisHye Rim Cho; Hyejin Jeon; Chul-Kee Park, et al
2017-01Radiomics and its emerging role in lung cancer research, imaging biomarkers and clinical management: State of the artGeewon Lee; Ho Yun Lee (MD, PhD); Hyunjin Park, et al
2017-01Radiomics and its emerging role in lung cancer research, imagingbiomarkers and clinical management: State of the artGeewon Lee; Ho Yun Lee; Hyunjin Park, et al
2018-12Radiomics features to distinguish glioblastoma from primary central nervous system lymphoma on multi-parametric MRIYikyung Kim; Hwan-ho Cho; Sung Tae kim, et al
2019-06Radiomics signature on 3T dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging for estrogen receptor-positive invasive breast cancers: Preliminary results for correlation with Oncotype DX recurrence scoresKyung Jin Nam; Hyunjin Park; Eun Sook Ko, et al
2018-06Radiomics Signature on Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Association with Disease-Free Survival in Patients with Invasive Breast CancerHyunjin Park; Yaeji Lim; Eun Sook Ko, et al
2019-10Radium Tracing Cross-Shelf Fluxes of Nutrients in the Northwest Pacific OceanCho H.-M.; Kim G.; Eun Young Kwon, et al
2018-05Raman Spectral Band Oscillations in Large Graphene BubblesYuan Huang; Xiao Wang; Xu Zhang, et al
2019-12Ramsey numbers of Berge-hypergraphs and related structuresNika Salia; Casey Tompkins; Zhiyu Wang, et al
2017-12RanBPM: a potential therapeutic target for modulating diverse physiological disordersSoumyadip Das; Bharathi Suresh; Hyongbum (Henry) Kim, et al
2014-05Random-graft polymer-directed synthesis of inorganic mesostructures with ultrathin frameworksChangbum Jo; Yongbeom Seo; Kanghee Cho, et al
2016Rank one local systems and forms of degree oneBudur N.; Wang B.; Youngho Yoon