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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02O(a) improvement of 2D N=(2,2) lattice SYM theoryMasanori Hanada; Daisuke Kadoh; So Matsuura, et al
2016-01Observation of a d-wave gap in electron-doped Sr2IrO4Highly Cited PaperYeongkwan Kim; N. H. Sung; J. D. Denlinger, et al
2019-02Observation of a Dirac state in borophene hetero-bilayers by Cr intercalationXiaojing Yao; Ding Yi; Xiuyun Zhang
2017-06Observation of an alternative χc0 (2P) candidate in e+e- →j /ψD D OBSERVATION of AN ALTERNATIVE χc0 (2P) ... K. CHILIKIN et al.Chilikin K.; Adachi I.; Aihara H., et al
2019-09Observation of Cell Division in a Fertilized Egg of a Zebrafish by Using a Multimodal Nonlinear Optical MicroscopeLee S.-H.; Hong S.-H.; Park S.-H., et al
2017-01Observation of Charge Transfer in Heterostructures Composed of MoSe2 Quantum Dots and a Monolayer of MoS2 or WSe2Shrawan Roy; Guru P. Neupane; Krishna P. Dhakal, et al
2017-09Observation of coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scatteringHighly Cited PaperD. Akimov; J.B. Albert; P. An, et al
2015-11Observation of Electrochemically Driven Elemental Segregation in a Si Alloy Thin-Film Anode and its Effects on Cyclic Stability for Li-Ion BatteriesOh, M; Na, S; Woo, CS, et al
2016-05Observation of Energy and Baseline Dependent Reactor Antineutrino Disappearance in the RENO ExperimentHighly Cited PaperChoi J.H.; Choi W.Q.; Choi Y., et al
2014-05Observation of ferroelectricity induced by defect dipoles in the strain-free epitaxial CaTiO3 thin filmSang Mo Yang; Soon Jae Moon; Tae Heon Kim, et al
2017-03Observation of laser pulse propagation in optical fibers with a SPAD cameraRyan Warburton; Constantin Aniculaesei; Clerici, M, et al
2020-01Observation of quincunx-shaped and dipole-like flatband states in photonic rhombic lattices without band-touchingShiqiang Xia; Carlo Danieli; Wenchao Yan, et al
2017-08Observation of Reverse Saturable Absorption of an X-ray LaserB. I. Cho; M. S. Cho; M. Kim, et al
2019-07Observation of spin-orbit excitations and Hund's multiplets in Ca2RuO4Gretarsson, H; Suzuki, H; Hoon Kim, et al
2020-12Observation of spin-polarized Anderson state around charge neutral point in graphene with Fe-clustersPark J.; Oh I.; Jin M.-J., et al
2015-05Observation of surface atoms during platinum nanocrystal growth by monomer attachmentMyoungho Jeong; Jong Min Yuk; Jeong Yong Lee
2014-10Observation of tau neutrino appearance in the CNGS beam with the OPERA experimentAgafonova, N; Aleksandrov, A; Anokhina, A, et al
2015-08Observation of tunable band gap and anisotropic Dirac semimetal state in black phosphorusHighly Cited PaperKim J.; Baik S.S.; Sae Hee Ryu, et al
2018-07Observation of Valley Landau-Zener-Bloch Oscillations and Pseudospin Imbalance in Photonic GrapheneYong Sun; Daniel Leykam; Stephen Nenni, et al
2016-12Observation of von Kármán Vortex Street in an Atomic Superfluid GasWoo Jin Kwon; Joon Hyun Kim; Sang Won Seo, et al