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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09Abelian Arithmetic Chern-Simons Theory and Arithmetic Linking NumbersChung, HJ; Kim, D; Kim, M, et al
2017-08Adaptive Encoding of Outcome Prediction by Prefrontal Cortex Ensembles Supports Behavioral FlexibilityDel Arco, A; Park, J; Wood, J, et al
2014-11All-in-One Centrifugal Microfluidic Device for Size-Selective Circulating Tumor Cell Isolation with High PurityLee, A; Park, J; Lim, M, et al
2017-02Characterization of Responsive Hydrogel Nanoparticles upon Polyelectrolyte ComplexationSu-Kyoung Lee; Hwang, G; Woo, J, et al
2014-10Clearance of persistent HPV infection and cervical lesion by therapeutic DNA vaccine in CIN3 patientsKim, TJ; Jin, HT; Hur, SY, et al
2016-08Composition Control of Plasmon-Phonon Interaction Using Topological Quantum-Phase Transition in Photoexcited (Bi1-xInx)(2)Se-3Sim, S; Park, J; Koirala, N, et al
2016-03Fingerprints of Multiple Electron Scatterings in Single-Layer GrapheneMinbok Jung; Sohn, SD; Park, J, et al
2016-04Gate-Tunable Spin Exchange Interactions and Inversion of Magnetoresistance in Single Ferromagnetic ZnO NanowiresModepalli, V; Jin, MJ; Park, J, et al
2014-10Highly Biocompatible Carbon Nanodots for Simultaneous Bioimaging and Targeted Photodynamic Therapy In Vitro and In VivoChoi, Y; Seongchan Kim; Myung-Ho Choi, et al
2017-12Integrated microHall magnetometer to measure the magnetic properties of nanoparticlesMin, C; Park, J; Mun, JK, et al
2014-09Magnetic Resonance Imaging Diagnosis of Metastatic Lymph Nodes in a Rabbit Model: Efficacy of PJY10, a New Ultrasmall Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Agent, with Monodisperse Iron Oxide Core and Multiple-Interaction LigandsYoo, RE; Seung Hong Choi; Cho, HR, et al
2019-11Marginal Magnesium Doping for High-Performance Lithium Metal BatteriesChoi, SH; Lee, SJ; Yoo, DJ, et al
2016-04PPAR gamma Antagonist Gleevec Improves Insulin Sensitivity and Promotes the Browning of White Adipose TissueChoi, SS; Kim, ES; Jung, JE, et al
2016-09SoxF Transcription Factors Are Positive Feedback Regulators of VEGF SignalingKangsan Kim; Kim, IK; Yang, JM, et al
2015-06Tunable Fano quantum-interference dynamics using a topological phase transition in (Bi1-xInx)(2)Se-3Sim, S; Koirala, N; Brahlek, M, et al
2019-11Two-dimensional Dirac fermions on oxidized black phosphorusKang, SH; Park, J; Sungjong Woo, et al
2015-08Vascular Proteomics Reveal Novel Proteins Involved in SMC Phenotypic Change: OLR1 as a SMC Receptor Regulating Proliferation and Inflammatory ResponseKang, DH; Choi, M; Chang, S, et al
2018-06YAP/TAZ Initiates Gastric Tumorigenesis via Upregulation of MYCChoi, W; Kim, J; Park, J, et al