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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11A comparative study of graphite electrodes using the co-intercalation phenomenon for rechargeable Li, Na and K batteriesKim, H; Gabin Yoon; Lim, KM, et al
2018-07A missense allele of KARRIKIN-INSENSITIVE2 impairs ligand-binding and downstream signaling in Arabidopsis thalianaLee, I; Kim, K; Lee, S, et al
2014-09Advanced Hybrid Supercapacitor Based on a Mesoporous Niobium Pentoxide/Carbon as High-Performance AnodeHighly Cited PaperLim, E; Kim, H; Jo, C, et al
2016-04Age-associated circadian period changes in Arabidopsis leavesKim, H; Kim, Y; Yeom, M, et al
2018-12An experiment to search for dark-matter interactions using sodium iodide detectorsAdhikari, G; Adhikari, P; de Souza, EB, et al
2014-09Anti-Site Reordering in LiFePO4: Defect Annihilation on Charge Carrier InjectionPark, KY; Inchul Park; Kim, H, et al
2014-12Aqueous Rechargeable Li and Na Ion BatteriesHighly Cited PaperKim, H; Hong, J; Park, KY, et al
2018-12Atomistic Investigation of Doping Effects on Electrocatalytic Properties of Cobalt Oxides for Water OxidationKim, B; Park, I; Yoon, G, et al
2016-06Cisplatin induces tolerogenic dendritic cells in response to TLR agonists via the abundant production of IL-10, therby promoting Th2- and Tr1-biased T-cell immunityKim, WS; Kim, H; Kwon, KW, et al
2014-12Compact variant-rich customized sequence database and a fast and sensitive database search for efficient proteogenomic analysesPark, H; Bae, J; Kim, H, et al
2015-03Comprehensive data resources and analytical tools for pathological association of aminoacyl tRNA synthetases with cancerLee, JH; You, S; Hyeon, DY, et al
2019-11Decreased APE-1 by Nitroxoline Enhances Therapeutic Effect in a Temozolomide-resistant Glioblastoma: Correlation with Diffusion Weighted ImagingHye Rim Cho; Kumari, N; Thakur, N, et al
2016-10Development and mass production of a mixture of LAB- and DIN-based gadolinium-loaded liquid scintillator for the NEOS short-baseline neutrino experimentKim, BR; Han, B; Eunju Jeon, et al
2013-04Exciton Dissociation and Charge-Transport Enhancement in Organic Solar Cells with Quantum-Dot/N-doped CNT Hybrid NanomaterialsJu Min Lee; Kwon, BH; Hyung Il Park, et al
2015-11High Energy Organic Cathode for Sodium Rechargeable BatteriesKim, H; Kwon, JE; Lee, BN, et al
2014-11How Do Phytochromes Transmit the Light Quality Information to the Circadian Clock in Arabidopsis?Yeom, M; Kim, H; Lim, J, et al
2017-09In Situ Tracking Kinetic Pathways of Li+/Na+ Substitution during Ion-Exchange Synthesis of LixNa1.5-xVOPO4F0.5Park, YU; Bai, JM; Wang, LP, et al
2017-12Investigation of the molybdenum oxide purification for the AMoRE experimentOlga Gileva; Aryal, P; Karki, S, et al
2019-11Marginal Magnesium Doping for High-Performance Lithium Metal BatteriesChoi, SH; Lee, SJ; Yoo, DJ, et al
2016-01One-photon and two-photon stimulation of neurons in a microfluidic culture systemJang, JM; Lee, J; Kim, H, et al
2016-10Recent Progress in Electrode Materials for Sodium-Ion BatteriesHighly Cited PaperHyungsub Kim; Kim, H; Ding, Z, et al
2016-10Redesign of Li2MP2O7 (M = Fe or Mn) by Tuning the Li Diffusion in Rechargeable Battery ElectrodesKim, J; Lee, B; Kim, H, et al
2016-11Reducible Polyethylenimine Nanoparticles for Efficient siRNA Delivery in Corneal Neovascularization TherapyHan, H; Son, S; Son, S, et al
2015-08Sodium intercalation chemistry in graphiteHighly Cited PaperKim, H; Hong, J; Gabin Yoon, et al
2015-01Sodium Storage Behavior in Natural Graphite using Ether-based Electrolyte SystemsHighly Cited PaperKim, H; Hong, J; Park, YU, et al
2019-08Spectroscopic studies of atomic defects and bandgap renormalization in semiconducting monolayer transition metal dichalcogenidesJeong, TY; Kim, H; Sang-Jun Choi, et al
2018-01TAF15b, involved in the autonomous pathway for flowering, represses transcription of FLOWERING LOCUS CHyunjoo Eom; Park, SJ; Kim, MK, et al
2016-03Tailoring a New 4V-Class Cathode Material for Na-Ion BatteriesKim, J; Inchul Park; Kim, H, et al
2019-04The Effect of Varying Slice Thickness and Interslice Gap on T-1 and T-2 Measured with the Multidynamic Multiecho SequenceKang, KM; Seung Hong Choi; Kim, H, et al
2014-09The Reaction Mechanism and Capacity Degradation Model in Lithium Insertion Organic Cathodes, Li2C6O6, Using Combined Experimental and First Principle StudiesKim, H; Seo, DH; Gabin Yoon, et al
2013-07Toward a Lithium-"Air" Battery: The Effect of CO2 on the Chemistry of a Lithium-Oxygen CellLim, HK; Lim, HD; Park, KY, et al
2015-03Ultra-Thin Hollow Carbon Nanospheres for Pseudocapacitive Sodium-Ion StorageYun, YS; Cho, SY; Kim, H, et al
2016-07Understanding Origin of Voltage Hysteresis in Conversion Reaction for Na Rechargeable Batteries: The Case of Cobalt OxidesKim, H; Kim, H; Kim, H, et al
2015-02Unexpected discovery of low-cost maricite NaFePO4 as a high-performance electrode for Na-ion batteriesKim, J; Seo, DH; Kim, H, et al