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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-09 Metal-Free Carbocyclization of Homoallylic Silyl Ethers Leading to Cyclopropanes and Cyclobutanes Jianbo ZhangChinmoy Kumar HazraSehoon ParkSukbok ChangJianbo ZhangChinmoy Kumar HazraSehoon ParkSukbok Chang
2018-04 Silylative Reductive Amination of alpha,beta-Unsaturated Aldehydes: AConvenient Synthetic Route to beta-Silylated Secondary Amines Eunae KimSehoon ParkSukbok ChangEunae KimSehoon ParkSukbok Chang
2017-11 Boron-Catalyzed Hydrogenative Reduction of Substituted Quinolines to Tetrahydroquinolines with Hydrosilanes Narasimhulu GandhamsettySehoon ParkSukbok ChangNarasimhulu GandhamsettySehoon ParkSukbok Chang
2017-06 Catalytic Dearomatization of N-Heteroarenes with Silicon and Boron Compounds Sehoon ParkSukbok ChangSehoon ParkSukbok Chang
2016-11 Borane catalysed ring opening and closing cascades of furans leading to silicon functionalized synthetic intermediates Chinmoy K. HazraNarasimhulu GandhamsettySehoon ParkSukbok Chang
2015-12 Selective Silylative Reduction of Pyridines Leading to Structurally Diverse Azacyclic Compounds with the Formation of sp3 C-Si Bonds Narasimhulu GandhamsettySehoon ParkSukbok ChangNarasimhulu GandhamsettySehoon ParkSukbok Chang
2015-07 Dual role of carboxylic acid additive: Mechanistic studies and implication for the asymmetric C-H amidation Dedicated to Professor Yoshiaki Nakao on his receipt of the Tetrahedron Young Investigator Award Donghyeon GwonSehoon ParkSukbok ChangDonghyeon GwonSehoon ParkSukbok Chang
2015-07 Boron-Catalyzed Silylative Reduction of Nitriles in Accessing Primary Amines and Imines Narasimhulu GandhamsettyJinseong JeongJuhyeon ParkSehoon ParkSukbok ChangNarasimhulu GandhamsettyJinseong JeongSehoon ParkSukbok Chang
2015-06 Chemoselective silylative reduction of conjugated nitriles under metal-free catalytic conditions: β-silyl amines and enamines Narasimhulu GandhamsettyJuhyeon ParkJinseong JeongSung-Woo ParkSehoon ParkSukbok ChangNarasimhulu GandhamsettyJuhyeon ParkSung-Woo ParkSehoon ParkSukbok Chang
2014-09 Iridium(III)-Catalyzed CH Amidation of Arylphosphoryls Leading to a P-Stereogenic Center Donghyeon GwonDonggun LeeJiyu KimSehoon ParkSuk Bok ChangDonghyeon GwonSehoon ParkSuk Bok Chang
2014-08 Comparative Investigations of Cp*-Based Group 9 Metal-Catalyzed Direct C-H Amination of Benzamides Figg, TMSehoon ParkJuhyeon ParkSukbok ChangDjamaladdin G. MusaevSehoon ParkJuhyeon ParkSukbok Chang