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Wen, Zhao

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-04 Morphology Evolution of Graphene during Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth: A Phase-Field Theory Simulation Jianing ZhuangWen ZhaoLu QiuJohn XinJichen DongFeng DingWen ZhaoLu QiuJichen DongFeng Ding
2018-11 In-situ PECVD-enabled graphene-V2O3 hybrid host for lithium–sulfur batteries Yingze SongWen ZhaoNan WeiLi ZhangFeng DingZhongfan LiuJingyu SunWen ZhaoFeng Ding
2018-09 Synchronous immobilization and conversion of polysulfides on a VO2-VN binary host targeting high sulfur load Li-S batteries Yingze SongWen ZhaoLong KongLi ZhangXingyu ZhuYuanlong ShaoFeng DingQiang ZhangJingyu SunZhongfan LiuWen ZhaoFeng Ding
2018-09 Anomalous twin boundaries in two dimensional materials Rooney A.P.Li Z.Wen ZhaoGholinia A.Kozikov A.Auton G.Feng DingGorbachev R.V.Young R.J.Haigh S.J.Wen ZhaoFeng Ding
2018-07 In Situ Assembly of 2D Conductive Vanadium Disulfide with Graphene as a High-Sulfur-Loading Host for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Xingyu ZhuWen ZhaoYingze SongQiucheng LiFeng DingJingyu SunLi ZhangZhongfan LiuWen ZhaoFeng Ding
2018-05 Vanadium Dioxide-Graphene Composite with Ultrafast Anchoring Behavior of Polysulfides for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Yingze SongWen ZhaoXingyu ZhuLi ZhangQiucheng LiFeng DingZhongfan LiuJingyu SunWen ZhaoFeng Ding
2018-05 In situ atomic-scale observation of monolayer graphene growth from SiC Kaihao YuWen ZhaoXing WuJianing ZhuangXiaohui HuQiubo ZhangJun SunTao XuYang ChaiFeng DingLitao SunWen ZhaoFeng Ding