Journal Papers (저널논문)151

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04Spontaneous formation of gold nanostructures in aqueous microdropletsJae Kyoo Lee; Devleena Samanta; Hong Gil Nam, et al
2017-02Genetic engineering of Arabidopsis to overproduce disinapoyl esters, potential lignin modification moleculesShinyoung Lee; Huaping Mo; Jeong Im Kim, et al
2016-02The short-lived African turquoise killifish: an emerging experimental model for ageingYumi Kim; Hong Gil Nam; Dario Riccardo Valenzano
2015-08Vascular Proteomics Reveal Novel Proteins Involved in SMC Phenotypic Change: OLR1 as a SMC Receptor Regulating Proliferation and Inflammatory ResponseKang, DH; Choi, M; Chang, S, et al
2016-07RNA helicase SACY-1 is required for longevity caused by various genetic perturbations in Caenorhabditis elegansMihwa Seo; Sangsoon Park; Hong Gil Nam, et al
2014-12Young capillary vessels rejuvenate aged pancreatic isletsJoana Almaca; Molina, J; Drigo, RAE, et al
2014-12Compact variant-rich customized sequence database and a fast and sensitive database search for efficient proteogenomic analysesPark, H; Bae, J; Kim, H, et al
2016-06Effect of bexarotene on differentiation of glioblastoma multiforme compared with ATRAHeo, JC; Jung, TH; Lee, S, et al
2015-12Inhibition of elongin C promotes longevity and protein homeostasis via HIF-1 in C. elegansHwang, W; Artan, M; Seo, M, et al
2015-08An RNA chaperone, AtCSP2, negatively regulates salt stress toleranceSasaki K.; Liu Y.; Myung-Hee Kim, et al
2017-03RNA surveillance via nonsense-mediated mRNA decay is crucial for longevity in daf-2/insulin/IGF-1 mutant C. elegansHeehwa G. Son; Mihwa Seo; Seokjin Ham, et al
2014-11How Do Phytochromes Transmit the Light Quality Information to the Circadian Clock in Arabidopsis?Yeom, M; Kim, H; Lim, J, et al
2015-11Leukocyte-specific protein 1 regulates T-cell migration in rheumatoid arthritisHwang, SH; Jung, SH; Lee, S, et al
2015-11Acceleration of reaction in charged microdropletsJae Kyoo Lee; Shibdas Banerjee; Hong Gil Nam, et al
2015-12Integrated analysis of global proteome, phosphoproteome, and glycoproteome enables complementary interpretation of disease-related protein networksJong-Moon Park; Ji-Hwan Park; Dong-Gi Mun, et al
2015-12Spatial and temporal coordination of insulin granule exocytosis in intact human pancreatic isletsJoana Almaça; Tao Liang; Herbert Y. Gaisano, et al
2015-11C. elegans maximum velocity correlates with healthspan and is maintained in worms with an insulin receptor mutationJeong-Hoon Hahm; Sunhee Kim; Diloreto, R., et al
2016-04miR-204 downregulates EphB2 in aging mouse hippocampal neuronsChand Parvez Danka Mohammed; Rhee, H; Bong-Kwan Phee, et al
2016-06Molecular and systems approaches towards drought-tolerant canola cropsZhu, MM; Monroe, JG; Suhail, Y, et al
2015-06Multi-dimensional TOF-SIMS analysis for effective profiling of disease-related ions from the tissue surfaceJi-Won Park; Hyobin Jeong; Byeongsoo Kang, et al
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