Journal Papers (저널논문)161

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12The Diverse Range of Possible Cell Membrane Interactions with Substrates: Drug Delivery, Interfaces and MobilityHyun-Sook Jang
2016-06Operating organic light-emitting diodes imaged by super-resolution spectroscopyJohn T. King; Steve Granick
2016-11Bimetallic Microswimmers Speed Up in Confining ChannelsChang Liu; Chao Zhou; Wei Wang, et al
2016-03Direct evidence for sequence-dependent attraction between double-stranded DNA controlled by methylationYoo, J; Hajin Kim; Aksimentiev, A, et al
2016-02Where Two Are Fighting, the Third Wins: Stronger Selection Facilitates Greater Polymorphism in Traits Conferring Competition-Dispersal TradeoffsLampert, A; Tsvi Tlusty
2015-11Correlated two-particle diffusion in dense colloidal suspensions at early times: Theory and comparison to experimentDell, ZE; Tsang, B; Jiang, LX, et al
2015-09Scrutinizing evidence of no dilatancy upon stick-slip of confined fluidsAh-Young Jee; Kai Lou; Steve Granick
2015-10Wide-field optical coherence microscopy of the mouse brain sliceMin, E; Lee, J; Vavilin, A, et al
2017-01Line tension and its influence on droplets and particles at surfacesBruce M. Law; Sean P. McBride; Jiang Yong Wang, et al
2016-12Proton diffusion dynamics along a diol as a proton-conducting wire in a photo-amphiprotic model systemYe-Jin Kim; Oh-Hoon Kwon
2016-11Catalytic Locomotion of Core-Shell Nanowire MotorsBumjin Jang; Wei Wang; Samuel Wiget, et al
2016-10Integrative Approach toward Uncovering the Origin of Photoluminescence in Dual Heteroatom-Doped Carbon NanodotsYuri Choi; Byungkyun Kang; Jooyong Lee, et al
2016-10Light-Induced Water Splitting Causes High-Amplitude Oscillation of pH-Sensitive Layer-by-Layer Assemblies on TiO2Sviatlana A. Ulasevich; Gerald Brezesinski; Helmuth Mçhwald, et al
2015-09A Priori Estimation of Organic Reaction YieldsEmami, FS; Vahid, A; Wylie, EK, et al
2015-08Rapid and Automated Quantification of Microalgal Lipids on a Spinning DiscYubin Kim; Su-Nam Jeong; Bolam Kim, et al
2016-11Effect of Cavitation Bubble Collapse on the Modification of Solids: Crystallization AspectsEkaterina V. Skorb; Helmuth Möhwald; Daria V. Andreeva
2016-10Strain analysis of protein structures and low dimensionality of mechanical allosteric couplingsMichael R. Mitchell; Tsvi Tlusty; Stanislas Leibler
2016-10Reconfiguring active particles by electrostatic imbalanceJing Yan; Ming Han; Jie Zhang, et al
2016-10Natural selection in the colloid world: active chiral spiralsJie Zhang; Steve Granick
2016-12Label-free, multi-scale imaging of ex-vivo mouse brain using spatial light interference microscopyEunjung Min; Mikhail E. Kandel; CheMyong J Ko, et al
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