Journal Papers (저널논문)155

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12The Diverse Range of Possible Cell Membrane Interactions with Substrates: Drug Delivery, Interfaces and MobilityHyun-Sook Jang
2016-06Operating organic light-emitting diodes imaged by super-resolution spectroscopyJohn T. King; Steve Granick
2016-11Bimetallic Microswimmers Speed Up in Confining ChannelsChang Liu; Chao Zhou; Wei Wang, et al
2016-12Label-free, multi-scale imaging of ex-vivo mouse brain using spatial light interference microscopyEunjung Min; Mikhail E. Kandel; CheMyong J Ko, et al
2016-03Direct evidence for sequence-dependent attraction between double-stranded DNA controlled by methylationYoo, J; Hajin Kim; Aksimentiev, A, et al
2016-02Where Two Are Fighting, the Third Wins: Stronger Selection Facilitates Greater Polymorphism in Traits Conferring Competition-Dispersal TradeoffsLampert, A; Tsvi Tlusty
2015-11Correlated two-particle diffusion in dense colloidal suspensions at early times: Theory and comparison to experimentDell, ZE; Tsang, B; Jiang, LX, et al
2016-05Bicontinuous Fluid Structure with Low Cohesive Energy: Molecular Basis for Exceptionally Low Interfacial Tension of Complex Coacervate FluidsHuang, KY; Yoo, HY; YongSeok Jho, et al
2016-05Preorganized Chromophores Facilitate Triplet Energy Migration, Annihilation and Upconverted Singlet Energy CollectionMahato, P; Yanai, N; Sindoro, M, et al
2016-06Ion size effects on the osmotic pressure and electrocapillarity in a nanoslit: Symmetric and asymmetric ion sizesRajni; Jungmin Oh; Kang, IS
2016-03Self-referring DNA and protein: a remark on physical and geometrical aspectsTsvi Tlusty
2017-04NANOSYSTEMS Programmed communicationKristiana Kandere-Grzybowska; Bartosz A. Grzybowski
2017-03Measurement of multispectral scattering properties in mouse brain tissueEUNJUNG MIN; SUNGBEA BAN; YANYAN WANG, et al
2017-01Trapping, manipulation, and crystallization of live cells using magnetofluidic tweezersJaakko VI Timonen; Corinna Raimondo; Pilans, D, et al
2015-10Wide-field optical coherence microscopy of the mouse brain sliceMin, E; Lee, J; Vavilin, A, et al
2016-07Human breast cancer-derived soluble factors facilitate CCL19-induced chemotaxis of human dendritic cellsHyundoo Hwang; Changsik Shin; Juhee Park, et al
2016-07The nanotechnology of life-inspired systemsBartosz A. Grzybowski; Wilhelm T. S. Huck
2016-07Chemoelectronic circuits based on metal nanoparticlesYong Yan; Scott C. Warren; Patrick Fuller, et al
2016-07Engineering Gram Selectivity of Mixed-Charge Gold Nanoparticles by Tuning the Balance of Surface ChargesPramod P. Pillai; Bartlomiej Kowalczyk; Kristiana Kandere-Grzybowska, et al
2016-05Computer-Assisted Synthetic Planning: The End of the BeginningHighly Cited PaperSzymkuć S.; Gajewska E.P.; Klucznik T., et al
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