Center for Soft and Living Matter(첨단연성물질 연구단)380

Center for Soft and Living Matter첨단연성물질 연구단

Competitive Edge

The broad expertise and sophisticated equipment of this Research Center will have a decisive competitive edge. Institutions elsewhere in the world are under economic stress, and increasingly under pressure to pursue short-term engineering of an applied nature, whereas the IBS is designed as an environment for advancing long-term fundamental research questions.

Scientific Profile

The subjects encompass the chemistry and physics of biomolecular science; the intellectual complexity of complex materials; the puzzles of understanding structure and dynamical processes of matter far from equilibrium; the mystery of what is life.

Impact on Society

Understanding of soft and living matter underpins vital societal needs: health issues with ramifications from genetic development to nanomedicine, and environmental issues from climate change and water purity, to affordable energy. Numerous industries revolve around applying these principles: among them, liquid crystals, synthetic polymers, membrane systems, protein assays, and bioengineering.


Center for Soft and Living Matter(첨단연성물질 연구단)

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