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Kim, Chanyoung

강상관계 물질 연구단

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-01 Orbital-selective confinement effect of Ru 4d orbitals in SrRuO3 ultrathin film Soonmin KangYi TsengBeom Hyun KimSeokhwan YunByungmin SohnBongju KimDaniel McNallyEugenio ParisChoong H. KimChangyoung KimTae Won NohSumio IshiharaThorsten SchmittJe-Geun ParkSoonmin KangChangyoung KimTae Won NohJe-Geun Park
2018-10 Engineering Carrier Effective Masses in Ultrathin Quantum Wells of IrO2 Jason K. KawasakiChoong Hyun KimJocienne N. NelsonSophie CrispChristian J. ZollnerEric BiegenwaldJohn T. HeronCraig J. FennieDarrell G. SchlomKyle M. ShenChoong Hyun Kim
2018-09 Structural investigation of the insulator-metal transition in NiS2-xSex compounds Garam HanSungkyun ChoiHwanbeom ChoByungmin SohnJe-Geun ParkChangyoung KimHwanbeom ChoJe-Geun ParkChangyoung Kim
2018-08 Intrinsic Spin and Orbital Hall Effects from Orbital Texture Dongwook GoDaegeun JoChangyoung KimHyun-Woo LeeChangyoung Kim
2018-01 A parallel input composite transimpedance amplifier D. J. KimChoong Hyun KimD. J. KimChoong Hyun Kim
2017-07 Element-Specific Orbital Character in a Nearly-Free-Electron Superconductor Ag5Pb2O6 Revealed by Core-Level Photoemission Soobin SinnKyung Dong LeeChoong Jae WonJi Seop OhMoonsup HanYoung Jun ChangNamjung HurByeong-Gyu ParkChangyoung KimHyeong-Do KimTae Won NohSoobin SinnChangyoung KimTae Won Noh