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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-10 Phase-Selective Disordered Anatase/Ordered Rutile Interface System for Visible-Light-Driven, Metal-Free CO2 Reduction Hee Min HwangSimgeon OhJae-Hyun ShimYoung-Min KimAnsoon KimDoyoung KimJoosung KimSora BakYunhee ChoViet Q. BuiThi Anh LeHyoyoung LeeHee Min HwangHyoyoung Lee
2019-10 Low Iridium Content Confined inside a Co3O4 Hollow Sphere for Superior Acidic Water Oxidation Ngoc Quang TranThi Anh LeHyunwoo KimYeseul HongYunhee ChoG. Hwan ParkHyunjung KimMeeree KimJinju LeeWon-Sub YoonHyoyoung LeeNgoc Quang TranHyoyoung Lee
2019-10 Synergistic Effects of Nitrogen Doping on MXene for Enhancement of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Thi Anh LeQuoc Viet BuiNgoc Quang TranYunhee ChoYeseul HongYoshiyuki KawazoeHyoyoung LeeThi Anh LeHyoyoung Lee
2019-07 Phase-selective modulation of TiO 2 for visible light-driven C–H arylation: Tuning of absorption and adsorptivity Sora BakSae Mi LeeHee Min HwangHyoyoung LeeSora BakHyoyoung Lee
2019-07 Nanoparticle Linker-Controlled Molecular Wire Devices Based on Double Molecular Monolayers Sohyeon SeoBui Quoc VietEunhee HwangYunhee ChoJunghyun LeeYoshiyuki KawazoeHyoyoung LeeSohyeon SeoHyoyoung Lee
2019-03 Carbon-based asymmetric capacitor for high-performance energy storage devices DoyoungKimKeunsik LeeMeeree KimYongshin KimHyoyoung LeeDoyoungKimHyoyoung Lee
2019-02 Controllable synthesis of MoS2/graphene low-dimensional nanocomposites and their electrical properties Le Ngoc LongPham Tan ThiPham Trung KienPham Thanh TrungMasataka OhtaniYoshitaka KumabeHirofumi TanakaShigenori UedaHyoyoung LeePhan Bach ThangTran Van KhaiHyoyoung Lee
2018-12 Low temperature solution synthesis of reduced two dimensional Ti3C2 MXenes with paramagnetic behaviour Yeoheung YoonThi Anh LeAnand P. TiwariIkjoon KimMichel W. BarsoumHyoyoung LeeYeoheung YoonHyoyoung Lee
2018-08 An ultralight and flexible sodium titanate nanowire aerogel with superior sodium storage Ngoc Quang TranThi Anh LeHyoyoung LeeNgoc Quang TranHyoyoung Lee
2018-07 FeIn2S4 Nanocrystals: A Ternary Metal Chalcogenide Material for Ambipolar Field-Effect Transistors Hyunjung KimAnand P. TiwariEunhee HwangYunhee ChoHeemin HwangSora BakYeseul HongHyoyoung LeeHyunjung KimHyoyoung Lee
2018-05 Anion-Cation Double Substitution in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide to Accelerate Water Dissociation Kinetic for Electrocatalysis Ngoc Quang TranViet Q. BuiHung M. LeYoshiyuki KawazoeHyoyoung LeeNgoc Quang TranHyoyoung Lee
2018-05 Hydrogen adsorption engineering by intramolecular proton transfer on 2D nanosheets Hanleem LeeSora BakYunhee ChoMeeree KimSe Hwang KangViet Q. BuiHung M. LeSung Wng KimHyoyoung LeeSora BakHyoyoung Lee
2018-05 Highly efficient hydrogen evolution catalysis based on MoS2/CdS/TiO2 porous composites Jimin DuHuiming WangMengke YangFangfang ZhangHaoran WuXuechun ChengSijie YuanBing ZhangKaidi LiYina WangHyoyoung LeeHyoyoung Lee
2018-03 Synthesis and characterization of the heavy-fermion compound CePtAl4Ge2 Soohyeon ShinPriscila F.S. RosaFilip RonningJoe D. ThompsonBrian L. ScottSangyun LeeHarim JangSoon-Gil JungEunbhin YunHyoyoung LeeEric D. BauerTuson ParkEunbhin YunHyoyoung Lee
2017-10 Comparison of the Optical Properties of Graphene and Alkyl-terminated Si and Ge Quantum Dots Chris de WeerdYonghun ShinEmanuele MarinoJoosung KimHyoyoung LeeSaba SaeedTom Gregorkiewicz
2017-12 Graphene-based composite electrodes for electrochemical energy storage devices: Recent progress and challenges Meeree KimHee Min HwangG. Hwan ParkHyoyoung LeeMeeree KimHyoyoung Lee
2017-12 Highly Efficient Thin-Film Transistor via Cross-Linking of 1T Edge Functional 2H Molybdenum Disulfides Hanleem LeeSora BakSung-Jin AnJung Ho KimEunbhin YunMeeree KimSohyeon SeoMun Seok JeongHyoyoung LeeHanleem LeeHyoyoung Lee
2017-11 Superconductivity at 7.4 K in few layer graphene by Li-intercalation Anand P TiwariSoohyeon ShinEunhee HwangSoon-Gil JungTuson ParkHyoyoung LeeAnand P TiwariHyoyoung Lee
2017-09 Functional Molecular Junctions Derived from Double Self-Assembled Monolayers Sohyeon SeoEunhee HwangYunhee ChoJunghyun LeeHyoyoung LeeSohyeon SeoHyoyoung Lee
2017-09 Bulk β-Te to few layered β-tellurenes: indirect to direct band-Gap transitions showing semiconducting property Bozhao WuXinghui LiuJiuren YinHyoyoung LeeXinghui LiuHyoyoung Lee
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