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Kim, Jeongyong

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-12 Highly elastic conductive sponges by joule heat-driven selective polymer reinforcement at reduced graphene oxide junctions Fakhre Alam KhanAgha Aamir JanYoojoo YunShrawan RoyDongseok SuhJeongyong KimSeunghyun BaikYoojoo YunJeongyong Kim
2019-06 Optical logic operation via plasmon-exciton interconversion in 2D semiconductors Jung Ho KimJubok LeeHyun KimSeok Joon YunJeongyong KimHyun Seok LeeYoung Hee LeeJung Ho KimJeongyong KimYoung Hee Lee
2018-07 Impeding Exciton-Exciton Annihilation in Monolayer WS2 by Laser Irradiation Yongjun LeeGanesh GhimireShrawan RoyYoungbum KimChangwon SeoA. K. SoodJoon I. JangJeongyong KimYongjun LeeJeongyong Kim
2018-07 Atomic Observation of Filling Vacancies in Monolayer Transition Metal Sulfides by Chemically Sourced Sulfur Atoms Shrawan RoyWooseon ChoiSera JeonDo-Hwan KimHyun KimSeok Joon YunYongjun LeeJaekwang LeeYoung-Min KimJeongyong KimShrawan RoyJeongyong Kim
2018-06 Composition-Tunable Synthesis of Large-Scale Mo1-xWxS2 Alloys with Enhanced Photoluminescence Juhong ParkMin Su KimBumsu ParkSang Ho OhShrawan RoyJeongyong KimWonbong ChoiMin Su KimJeongyong Kim
2018-05 Near-field exciton imaging of chemically treated MoS2 monolayers Youngbum KimYongjun LeeHyun KimShrawan RoyJeongyong KimYoungbum KimJeongyong Kim
2018-03 Local Enhancement of Exciton Emission of Monolayer MoS2 by Copper Phthalocyanine Nanoparticles Ganesh GhimireSubash AdhikariSeong Gi JoHyun KimJinbao JiangJinsoo JooJeongyong KimGanesh GhimireJeongyong Kim
2017-11 Synthesis of uniform single layer WS2 for tunable photoluminescence Juhong ParkMin Su KimEunho ChaJeongyong KimWonbong Choi
2017-11 Silver nanoflowers for single-particle SERS with 10 pM sensitivity Shrawan RoyC Muhammed AjmalSeunghyun BaikJeongyong KimShrawan RoyJeongyong Kim
2017-07 Heterogeneous modulation of exciton emission in triangular WS2 monolayers by chemical treatment Krishna P. DhakalShrawan RoySeok Joon YunGanesh GhimireChangwon SeoJeongyong KimKrishna P. DhakalJeongyong Kim
2017-06 Local Strain Induced Band Gap Modulation and Photoluminescence Enhancement of Multilayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Krishna P. DhakalShrawan RoyHouk JangXiang ChenWon Seok YunHyunmin KimJaeDong LeeJeongyong KimJong-Hyun AhnShrawan RoyJeongyong Kim
2017-05 Plasmon-enhanced phosphorescence of hybrid thin films of metal-free purely organic phosphor and silver nanoparticles Changwon SeoJubok LeeMin Su KimYongjun LeeJaehun JungHee-Won ShinTae Kyu AhnGreg SunJinsang KimJeongyong KimChangwon SeoJeongyong Kim
2017-05 Optically active charge transfer in hybrids of Alq(3) nanoparticles and MoS2 monolayer Ganesh GhimireKrishna P. DhakalGuru P. NeupaneSeong Gi JoHyun KimChangwon SeoYoung Hee LeeJinsoo JooJeongyong KimGanesh GhimireYoung Hee LeeJeongyong Kim
2017-02 Near-field spectral mapping of individual exciton complexes of monolayer WS2 correlated with local defects and charge population Yongjun LeeSeok Joon YunYoung Bum KimMin Su KimGang Hee HanA. K. SoodJeongyong KimYongjun LeeJeongyong Kim
2017-01 Observation of Charge Transfer in Heterostructures Composed of MoSe2 Quantum Dots and a Monolayer of MoS2 or WSe2 Shrawan RoyGuru P. NeupaneKrishna P. DhakalJubok LeeSeok Joon YunGang Hee HanJeongyong KimShrawan RoyJeongyong Kim
2016-11 Gate-Tunable Hole and Electron Carrier Transport in Atomically Thin Dual-Channel WSe2/MoS2 Heterostructure for Ambipolar Field-Effect Transistors Inyeal LeeServin RathiDongsuk LimLijun LiJinwoo ParkYoontae LeeKyung Soo YiKrishna P. DhakalJeongyong KimChanggu LeeGwan-Hyoung LeeYoung Duck KimJames HoneSun Jin YunDoo-Hyeb YounGil-Ho KimKrishna P. DhakalJeongyong Kim
2016-10 Enhanced Light Emission from Monolayer Semiconductors by Forming Heterostructures with ZnO Thin Films Min Su KimShrawan RoyJubok LeeByung Gu KimHyun KimJi-Hoon ParkSeok Joon YunGang Hee HanJae-Young LeemJeongyong KimMin Su KimJeongyong Kim
2016-10 Photo-responsive transistors of CVD grown single-layer MoS2 and its nanoscale optical characteristics Park H.J.Min Su KimJeongyong KimJoo J.Min Su KimJeongyong Kim
2016-09 Dependence of Raman and absorption spectra of stacked bilayer MoS2 on the stacking orientation Seki ParkHyun KimMin Su KimGang Hee HanJeongyong KimSeki ParkJeongyong Kim
2016-08 Formation of nanosized monolayer MoS2 by oxygen-assisted thinning of multilayer MoS2 Guru P. NeupaneKrishna P. DhakalHyun KimJubok LeeMin Su KimGang Hee HanYoung Hee LeeJeongyong KimGuru P. NeupaneYoung Hee LeeJeongyong Kim
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