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Kwak, Jaesung

분자활성 촉매반응 연구단

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2016-05 A potential role of a substrate as a base for the deprotonation pathway in Rh-catalysed C-H amination of heteroarenes: DFT insights Ajitha M.J.Huang K.-W.Jaesung KwakHyun Jin KimSukbok ChangJung Y.Jaesung KwakHyun Jin KimSukbok Chang
2016-02 Rhodium-catalyzed selective C-H functionalization of NNN tridentate chelating compounds via a rollover pathway Seung Youn HongJaesung KwakSukbok ChangSeung Youn HongJaesung KwakSukbok Chang
2014-02 Mechanistic Studies of the Rhodium-Catalyzed Direct C–H Amination Reaction Using Azides as the Nitrogen SourceHighly Cited Paper Sae Hume ParkJaesung KwakKwangmin ShinJaeyune RyuYoonsu ParkSuk Bok ChangSae Hume ParkJaesung KwakSuk Bok Chang
2013-08 Ir(III)-catalyzed mild C-H amidation of arenes and alkenes: An efficient usage of acyl azides as the nitrogen sourceHighly Cited Paper Jaeyune RyuJaesung KwakKwangmin ShinDonggun LeeSukbok ChangJaeyune RyuJaesung KwakSukbok Chang