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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-05 Revisiting side-chain alkylation of toluene to styrene: Critical role of microporous structures in catalysts Lee H.Lee S.Ryong RyooMinkee ChoiRyong RyooMinkee Choi
2018-06 Nanocage-Confined Synthesis of Fluorescent Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Zeolite Seung Hyeon KoTaekyoung LeeHongjun ParkDoo-Sik AhnKyoungsoo KimYonghyun KwonSung June ChoRyong RyooSeung Hyeon KoTaekyoung LeeDoo-Sik AhnKyoungsoo KimYonghyun KwonRyong Ryoo
2018-04 High utilization of methanol in toluene methylation using MFI zeolite nanosponge catalyst Changq LeeSeungjun LeeWookdong KimRyong RyooSeungjun LeeWookdong KimRyong Ryoo
2017-09 Extremely high electrical conductance of microporous 3D graphene-like zeolite-templated carbon framework Hyunsoo LeeKyoungsoo KimSeoung-Hun KangYonghyun KwonJong Hun KimYoung-Kyun KwonRyong RyooJeong Young Park
2017-07 Facile large-scale synthesis of three-dimensional graphene-like ordered microporous carbon via ethylene carbonization in CaX zeolite template Kyoungsoo KimYonghyun KwonTaekyoung LeeSung June ChoRyong RyooKyoungsoo KimYonghyun KwonRyong Ryoo
2017-06 Tomographic imaging of pore networks and connectivity of surfactant-directed mesoporous zeolites Seungyeop LeeChangbum JoRyong RyooSeungyeop LeeChangbum JoRyong Ryoo
2017-06 Mesoporous MFI zeolites as high performance catalysts for Diels-Alder cycloaddition of bio-derived dimethylfuran and ethylene to renewable p-xylene Jeong-Chul KimTae-Wan KimYoungjin KimRyong RyooSoon-Yong JeongChul-Ung KimJeong-Chul KimYoungjin KimRyong Ryoo
2017-04 Highly monodisperse supported metal nanoparticles by basic ammonium functionalization of mesopore walls for industrially relevant catalysis Jangkeun ChoLeilei XuChangbum JoRyong RyooJangkeun ChoLeilei XuChangbum JoRyong Ryoo
2017-03 Dry-gel synthesis of mesoporous MFI zeolite nanosponges using a structure-directing surfactant Seung Won HanJaeheon KimRyong RyooSeung Won HanJaeheon KimRyong Ryoo
2017-02 Synthesis of mesoporous zeolites in fluoride media with structure-directing multiammonium surfactants Changbum JoWoojin ParkRyong RyooChangbum JoWoojin ParkRyong Ryoo
2016-07 Mesoporous In-Sn binary oxides of crystalline framework with extended compositional variation Jangkeun ChoChangbum JoJae Won ShinSeung Hyeon KoRyong RyooJangkeun ChoChangbum JoSeung Hyeon KoRyong Ryoo
2016-05 Selective p-xylene production from biomass-derived dimethylfuran and ethylene over zeolite beta nanosponge catalysts Kim T.-W.Kim S.-Y.Jeong-Chul KimYoungjin KimRyong RyooKim C.-U.Jeong-Chul KimYoungjin KimRyong Ryoo
2016-04 Impact of pore topology and crystal thickness of nanosponge zeolites on the hydroconversion of ethylbenzene F. Marques MotaP. EliášováJ. JungR. RyooF. Marques MotaP. EliášováJ. JungR. Ryoo
2016-04 N-doped zeolite-templated carbon as a metal-free electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction Yonghyun KwonKyoungsoo KimRyong RyooYonghyun KwonKyoungsoo KimRyong Ryoo
2016-04 Mesoporous EU-1 zeolite as a highly active catalyst for ethylbenzene hydroisomerization F. Marques MotaP. EliasovaJ. JungR. RyooF. Marques MotaP. EliasovaJ. JungR. Ryoo
2016-03 Anatase TiO2 nanosheets with surface acid sites for Friedel-Crafts alkylation Munhee LeeYongbeom SeoHye Sun ShinChangbum JoRyong RyooMunhee LeeYongbeom SeoHye Sun ShinChangbum JoRyong Ryoo
2016-01 Facile synthesis of carbon dot-Au nanoraspberries and their application as high-performance counter electrodes in quantum dot-sensitized solar cells Dao, V.-D.Poeun KimBaek, S.Larina, L.L.Yong, K.Ryong RyooSeung Hyeon KoChoi, H.-S.Poeun KimRyong RyooSeung Hyeon Ko
2015-10 Synthesis of Silicate Zeolite Analogues Using Organic Sulfonium Compounds as Structure-Directing Agents Changbum JoSungjune LeeSung June ChoRyong RyooChangbum JoSungjune LeeRyong Ryoo
2015-08 MFI zeolite nanosheets with post-synthetic Ti grafting for catalytic epoxidation of bulky olefins using H2O2 Jaeheon KimJoonsoo ChunRyong RyooJaeheon KimJoonsoo ChunRyong Ryoo
2015-05 Synthesis of mesoporous carbons using silica templates impregnated with mineral acids Yongbeom SeoKyoungsoo KimYounjae JungRyong RyooKyoungsoo KimRyong Ryoo
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