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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-12 PCNA Unloading Is Negatively Regulated by BET Proteins Mi-Sun KangJinwoo KimEunjin RyuNa Young HaSunyoung HwangByung-Gyu KimJae Sun RaYeong Jae KimJung Me HwangKyungjae MyungSukhyun KangMi-Sun KangJinwoo KimNa Young HaSunyoung HwangJae Sun RaKyungjae MyungSukhyun Kang
2019-12 ATAD5 promotes replication restart by regulating RAD51 and PCNA in response to replication stress Su Hyung ParkNalae KangSong E.Wie M.Eun A. LeeSunyoung HwangLee D.Jae Sun RaIn Bae ParkJieun ParkSukhyun KangJun Hong ParkHohng S.Kyoo-young LeeKyungjae MyungSu Hyung ParkNalae KangEun A. LeeSunyoung HwangJae Sun RaIn Bae ParkJieun ParkSukhyun KangJun Hong ParkKyoo-young LeeKyungjae Myung
2019-09 TonEBP Regulates PCNA Polyubiquitination in Response to DNA Damage through Interaction with SHPRH and USP1 Kang H.J.Park H.Yoo E.J.Lee J.H.Choi S.Y.Lee-Kwon W.Kyoo-young LeeHur J.-H.Seo J.K.Jae Sun RaEun-A. LeeKyungjae MyungKwon H.M.Kyoo-young LeeJae Sun RaEun-A. LeeKyungjae Myung