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Kang, Dahye

분자활성 촉매반응 연구단

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-11 Visible light induced alkene aminopyridylation using N-aminopyridinium salts as bifunctional reagents Yonghoon MoonBohyun ParkInwon KimGyumin KangSanghoon ShinDahye KangMu-Hyun BaikSungwoo HongYonghoon MoonDahye KangMu-Hyun BaikSungwoo Hong
2018-12 Visible-Light-Induced C-O Bond Formation for the Construction of Five- and Six-Membered Cyclic Ethers and Lactones Honggu ImDahye KangSoyeon ChoiSanghoon ShinSungwoo HongHonggu ImDahye KangSungwoo Hong
2018-12 Regiodivergent Ring-Opening Cross-Coupling of Vinyl Aziridines with Phosphorus Nucleophiles: Access to Phosphorus-Containing Amino Acid Derivatives Dahye KangTaehwan KimHyunpyo LeeSungwoo HongDahye KangTaehwan KimSungwoo Hong
2018-07 Site-Selective C-H Bond Functionalization of Chromones and Coumarins Dahye KangKukcheol AhnSungwoo HongDahye KangKukcheol AhnSungwoo Hong