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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-08 Flexible and Stretchable Smart Display: Materials, Fabrication, Device Design, and System Integration Ja Hoon KooDong Chan KimHyeong Joon ShimTae-Ho KimDae-Hyeong KimJa Hoon KooDae-Hyeong Kim
2018-08 Stretchable electronics on another level Dae-Hyeong KimDong Chan KimDae-Hyeong KimDong Chan Kim
2018-06 Bioinspired Artificial Eyes: Optic Components, Digital Cameras, and Visual Prostheses Gil Ju LeeChangsoon ChoiDae-Hyeong KimYoung Min SongChangsoon ChoiDae-Hyeong Kim
2018-05 Deformable inorganic semiconductor Dae-Hyeong KimGi Doo ChaDae-Hyeong KimGi Doo Cha
2018-04 Enzyme-Based Glucose Sensor: From Invasive to Wearable Device Hyunjae LeeYongseok Joseph HongSeungmin BaikTaeghwan HyeonDae‐Hyeong KimYongseok Joseph HongTaeghwan HyeonDae‐Hyeong Kim
2018-04 Flexible Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes for Next-Generation Displays Moon Kee ChoiJiwoong YangTaeghwan HyeonDae-Hyeong KimMoon Kee ChoiTaeghwan HyeonDae-Hyeong Kim
2018-03 Device-assisted transdermal drug deliveryHighly Cited Paper Hyunjae LeeChangyeong SongSeungmin BaikDokyoon KimTaeghwan HyeonDae-Hyeong KimHyunjae LeeTaeghwan HyeonDae-Hyeong Kim
2018-01 Nanomaterials for bioelectronics and integrated medical systems Youngsik LeeJaemin KimJa Hoon KooTae-Ho KimDae-Hyeong KimYoungsik LeeDae-Hyeong Kim
2017-11 Human eye-inspired soft optoelectronic device using high-density MoS2-graphene curved image sensor array Changsoon ChoiMoon Kee ChoiSiyi LiuMin Sung KimOk Kyu ParkChangkyun ImJaemin KimXiaoliang QinGil Ju LeeKyoung Won ChoMyungbin KimEuhyung JohJongha LeeDonghee SonSeung-Hae KwonNoo Li JeonYoung Min SongNanshu LuDae-Hyeong Kim
2017-10 High-Resolution Spin-on-Patterning of Perovskite Thin Films for a Multiplexed Image Sensor Array Woongchan LeeJongha LeeHuiwon YunJoonsoo KimJinhong ParkChangsoon ChoiDong Chan KimHyunseon SeoHakyong LeeJi Woong YuWon Bo LeeDae-Hyeong KimWoongchan LeeDae-Hyeong Kim
2017-10 Ultrathin Quantum Dot Display Integrated with Wearable Electronics Jaemin KimHyung Joon ShimJiwoong YangMoon Kee ChoiDong Chan KimJunhee KimTaeghwan HyeonDae-Hyeong KimJaemin KimTaeghwan HyeonDae-Hyeong Kim
2017-03 The quest for miniaturized soft bioelectronic devices Jaemin KimRoozbeh GhaffariDae-Hyeong KimJaemin KimDae-Hyeong Kim