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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-04Copper-mediated transformation of organosilanes to nitriles with DMF and ammonium iodideZhen Wang; Chang S.
2013-05One-pot catalysis of dehydrogenation of cyclohexanones to phenols and oxidative Heck coupling: expedient synthesis of coumarinsDonghee Kim; Minsik Min; Sung Woo Hong
2013-06Discovery of Picomolar ABL Kinase Inhibitors Equipotent for Wild Type and T315I Mutant via Structure-Based de Novo DesignHwangseo Park; Seunghee Hong; Jinhee Kim, et al
2013-06Synthetic uses of ammonia in transition-metal catalysisJinho Kim; Hyun Jin Kim; Sukbok Chang
2013-06Ruthenium-catalyzed direct C-H amidation of arenes including weakly coordinating aromatic ketonesJiyu Kim; Jinwoo Kim; Sukbok Chang
2013-07Direct C-H amination of arenes with alkyl azides under rhodium catalysisKwangmin Shin; Yunjung Baek; Sukbok Chang
2013-08Ir(III)-catalyzed mild C-H amidation of arenes and alkenes: An efficient usage of acyl azides as the nitrogen sourceHighly Cited PaperJaeyune Ryu; Jaesung Kwak; Kwangmin Shin, et al
2013-09Novel reversible Zn2+-assisted biological phosphate "turn-on" probing through stable aryl-hydrazone salicylaldimine conjugation that attenuates ligand hydrolysisTsay O.G.; Sudesh T. Manjare; Kim H., et al
2013-09Synthesis of heterocyclic-fused benzofurans via C–H functionalization of flavones and coumarinsYoungtaek Moon; Yechan Kim; Hyerim Hong, et al
2013-11Iridium-catalyzed direct arene C-H bond amidation with sulfonyl- and aryl azidesDonggun Lee; Youngchan Kim; Sukbok Chang
2014Rhodium-catalyzed direct amination of arene c-h bonds using azides as the nitrogen sourceSae Hume Park; Yoonsu Park; Sukbok Chang
2014A selective fluorescent probe for cysteine and its imaging in live cellsYoungsam Kim; Minsuk Choi; Seokjun Seo, et al
2014-01Fluorescence probing of the ferric Fenton reaction via novel chelationMurale D.P.; Sudesh T. Manjare; Lee Y.-S., et al
2014-01Hydrogen-bond-assisted controlled C-H functionalization via adaptive recognition of a purine directing groupHyun Jin Kim; Ajitha M.J.; Lee Y., et al
2014-01Regiodivergent access to five- and six-membered benzo-fused lactams: Ru-catalyzed olefin hydrocarbamoylationBin Li; Yoonsu Park; Sukbok Chang
2014-01Facile meso-BODIPY annulation and selective sensing of hypochlorite in waterSudesh T. Manjare; Kim J.; Lee Y., et al
2014-01Catalytic cyanation of aryl iodides using DMF and ammonium bicarbonate as the combined source of cyanide: a dual role of copper catalystsAmit Balkrishna Pawar; Sukbok Chang
2014-02Iridium-catalyzed direct C-H amidation with weakly coordinating carbonyl directing groups under mild conditionsHighly Cited PaperJinwoo Kim; Sukbok Chang
2014-02Mechanistic Studies of the Rhodium-Catalyzed Direct C–H Amination Reaction Using Azides as the Nitrogen SourceHighly Cited PaperSae Hume Park; Jaesung Kwak; Kwangmin Shin, et al
2014-03A Pd-Catalyzed One-Pot dehydrogenative aromatization and Ortho-Functionalization Sequence of N-Acetyl EnamidesJinhee Kim; Youngtaek Moon; Suhyun Lee, et al
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