Journal Papers (저널논문)464

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09A Review on Membranes and Catalysts for Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis Single CellsMin Kyung Cho; Ahyoun Lim; So Young Lee, et al
2017-12BCAT1 is a New MR Imaging-related Biomarker for Prognosis Prediction in IDH1-wildtype Glioblastoma PatientsHye Rim Cho; Hyejin Jeon; Chul-Kee Park, et al
2016-02Dissolution and ionization of sodium superoxide in sodium-oxygen batteriesKim J.; Park H.; Byungju Lee, et al
2015-12Synergistic multi-doping effects on the Li7La3Zr2O12 solid electrolyte for fast lithium ion conductionShin, DO; Oh, K; Kim, KM, et al
2015-03Ternary metal fluorides as high-energy cathodes with low cycling hysteresisWang F.; Kim S.-W.; Dong-Hwa Seo, et al
2016-06Electromechanical cardioplasty using a wrapped elasto-conductive epicardial meshJinkyung Park; Suji Choi; Janardhan A.H., et al
2016-04Understanding the Bifunctional Effect for Removal of CO Poisoning: Blend of a Platinum Nanocatalyst and Hydrous Ruthenium Oxide as a Model SystemMyeong Jae Lee; Jin Soo Kang; Yun Sik Kang, et al
2016-05Methanol electro-oxidation on the Pt surface: Revisiting the cyclic voltammetry interpretationDong Young Chung; Kyung Jae Lee; Yung-Eun Sung
2015-12Metal-coated polyether ether ketone monopolar plates for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellMinhyoung Kim; Yun Sik Kang; Park J.Y., et al
2016-02Discovery of a solvent effect preventing quantitative profiling by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization and its treatmentPark K.M.; Moon J.H.; Kim J.H., et al
2017-03Wearable/disposable sweat-based glucose monitoring device with multistage transdermal drug delivery moduleHighly Cited PaperHyunjae Lee; Changyeong Song; Yong Seok Hong, et al
2017-11Electrochemical Synthesis of NH3 at Low Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure Using a γ-Fe2O3 CatalystJimin Kong; Ahyoun Lim; Changwon Yoon, et al
2017-07A facile synthetic strategy for iron, aniline-based non-precious metal catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsHyunjoon Lee; Min Jeong Kim; Taeho Lim, et al
2017-10Liquid-cell transmission electron microscopy for tracking self-assembly of nanoparticlesByung Hyo Kim; Junyoung Heo; Lee W.C., et al
2017-02The role of pre-defined microporosity in catalytic site formation for the oxygen reduction reaction in iron- and nitrogen-doped carbon materialsMinhyoung Kim; Kim H.S.; Yoo S.J., et al
2017-04Low-Temperature and Gram-Scale Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Fe-N-C Carbon Sheets for Robust Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction ReactionDong Young Chung; Min Jeong Kim; Narae Kang, et al
2017-03Prognosis prediction of non-enhancing T2 high signal intensity lesions in glioblastoma patients after standard treatment: application of dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imagingRihyeon Kim; Seung Hong Choi; Tae Jin Yun, et al
2017-03The quest for miniaturized soft bioelectronic devicesJaemin Kim; Roozbeh Ghaffari; Dae-Hyeong Kim
2017-12A review of industrially developed components and operation conditions for anion exchange membrane water electrolysisLim A.; Cho M.K.; Lee S.Y., et al
2017-04Factors in electrode fabrication for performance enhancement of anion exchange membrane water electrolysisMin Kyung Cho; Hee-Young Park; Seunghoe Choe, et al
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