Center for Nanoparticle Research(나노입자 연구단)847

Center for Nanoparticle Research나노입자 연구단

Our research center focuses its research on the synthesis of nanoparticles and respective applications. In particular, we have intensively studied the unlimited application potential for nanoparticles in the medical and energy sectors.

Our research center's study strives to illuminate the fundamental principles of the formation of nanoparticles and their nature by synthesizing nanoparticles using chemical methods and by elucidating the chemical and physical properties of nanoparticles. Furthermore, we aim to explore the formation mechanism of nanoparticles. In addition, we have tried to study alignment and modification of synthesized nanoparticles and manufactured nanostructures with multiple functions, and apply what we have learned to medical fields (e.g., medical diagnosis and treatment) and energy fields (e.g., electrochemical materials and catalysts).

The IBS Center for Nanoparticle Research operates for the following purposes: Its first purpose is to grow and become a world-leading laboratory that manufactures nanoparticles and applies them to medical and energy-related research. Secondly, the center heads nanotechnology efforts in the Republic of Korea, and contributes to training world-class researchers in the nanoparticle field (South Korea is emerging as a nanotechnology world leader.) Third, the center performs a crucial role in nanoparticle research for the rest of Asia as well.



Center for Nanoparticle Research(나노입자 연구단)

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