Journal Papers (저널논문)80

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Exosome engineering for efficient intracellular delivery of soluble proteins using optically reversible protein-protein interaction moduleNambin Yim; Seung-Wook Ryu; Kyungsun Choi, et al
2016-06Medial septal GABAergic projection neurons promote object exploration behavior and type 2 theta rhythmGireesh Gangadharan; Jonghan Shin; Seong-Wook Kim, et al
2017-04Pulse-train stimulation of primary somatosensory cortex blocks pain perception in tail clip testSoohyun Lee; Eunjin Hwang; Dongmyeong Lee, et al
2017-05Attention to multiple objects facilitates their integration in prefrontal and parietal cortexYee-Joon Kim; Jeffrey J. Tsai; Jeffrey Ojemann, et al
2015-12Chromosome-Based Proteomic Study for Identifying Novel Protein Variants from Human Hippocampal Tissue Using Customized neXtProt and GENCODE DatabasesHeeyoun Hwang; Gun Wook Park; Kwang Hoe Kim, et al
2015-10Optogenetic control of endogenous Ca2+ channels in vivoTaeyoon Kyung; Sangkyu Lee; Jung Eun Kim, et al
2016-07Protein arginine methylation facilitates KCNQ channel-PIP2 interaction leading to seizure suppressionHyun-Ji Kim; Myong-Ho Jeong; Kyung-Ran Kim, et al
2016-07The ability to solve elementary logic tasks in mice with the knockout of sodium–calcium exchanger gene 2 (NCX2)Poletaeva I.I.; Perepelkina O.V.; Boyarshinova O.S., et al
2015-12Age-dependent gait abnormalities in mice lacking the Rnf170 gene linked to human autosomal-dominant sensory ataxiaYoungsoo Kim; Seong Hun Kim; Kook Hwan Kim, et al
2016-02Variability in empathic fear response among 11 inbred strains of miceSehoon Keum; J. Park; Arie Kim, et al
2016-05mGlu1 receptor mediates homeostatic control of intrinsic excitability through Ih in cerebellar Purkinje cellsHyun Geun Shim; Sung-Soo Jang; Dong cheol Jang, et al
2016-05Optogenetic toolkit reveals the role of Ca2+ sparklets in coordinated cell migrationJin Man Kim; Minji Lee; Nury Kim, et al
2016-06Optogenetic oligomerization of Rab GTPases regulates intracellular membrane traffickingMai Khanh Nguyen; Cha Yeon Kim; Jin Man Kim, et al
2015-11Phospholipase C-β1 hypofunction in the pathogenesis of schizophreniaSeong-Wook Kim; Taesup Cho; Sukchan Lee
2016-09Status epilepticus stimulates NDEL1 expression via the CREB/CRE pathway in the adult mouse brainYun-Sik Choi; Boyoung Lee; Katelin F. Hansen, et al
2017-06Cortical sources of Vernier acuity in the human visual system: An EEG-source imaging studyChuan Hou; Yee-Joon Kim; Preeti Verghese
2017-11Deficiency of a brain-specific chemokine-like molecule, SAM3, induces cardinal phenotypes of autism spectrum disorders in miceSujin Kim; Boyoung Lee; Jung-Hwa Choi, et al
2017-12Correlative three-dimensional fluorescence and refractive index tomography: bridging the gap between molecular specificity and quantitative bioimagingKyoohyun Kim; Wei Sun Park; SangChan Na, et al
2017-03A 2.048 Mb/s Full-Duplex Free-Space Optical Transceiver IC for a Real-Time In Vivo Brain-Computer Interface Mouse Experiment Under Social InteractionGunpil Hwang; Jong-Kwan Choi; Jaehyeok Yang, et al
2018-02Spatiotemporal Control of TGF-β Signaling with LightYuchao Li; Minji Lee; Nury Kim, et al
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