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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-09Effects of a low-temperature sulfidation process on the microstructural properties of ZnO nanowires: ZnS formation and nanoscale Kirkendall effectAhn H.B.; Lee J.Y.
2013-09Correlation between Functionality Preference of Ru Carbenes and exo/endo Product Selectivity for Clarifying the Mechanism of Ring-closing Enyne MetathesisLee, Ok Suk; Kyung Hwan Kim; Kim, Jinwoo, et al
2013-09One-pot synthesis of trimetallic Au@PdPt core-shell nanoparticles with high catalytic performanceShin Wook Kang; Young Wook Lee; Yangsun Park, et al
2013-09Capping with multivalent surfactants for zeolite nanocrystal synthesisChangbum Jo; Jinhwan Jung; Hye Sun Shin, et al
2013-10Studies on the controlling of the microstructural and morphological properties of Al doped ZnO thin films prepared by hydrothermal methodMyeng Gil Gang; Seung Wook Shin; K. V. Gurav, et al
2013-10In situ atomic imaging of coalescence of Au nanoparticles on graphene: Rotation and grain boundary migrationJong Min Yuk; Jeong M.; Sang Yun Kim, et al
2013-10Overcoming the “retention vs. voltage” trade-off in nonvolatile organic memory: Ag nanoparticles covered with dipolar self-assembled monolayers as robust charge storage nodesSeungwon Lee; Jinhwan Lee; Hyunsoo Lee, et al
2013-10Multicomponent nanopatterns by directed block copolymer self-assemblyShin D.O.; Jeong Ho Mun; Hwang G.-T., et al
2013-10Poly(ethylene glycol)- and carboxylate-functionalized gold nanoparticles using polymer linkages: Single-step synthesis, high stability, and plasmonic detection of proteinsGaram Park; Daeha Seo; Chung I.S., et al
2013-10Prospect of retrieving vibrational wave function by single-object scattering samplingHosung Ki; Kyung Hwan Kim; Kim J., et al
2013-11Global reaction pathways in the photodissociation of I3- ion in solution at 267 and 400 nm studied by picosecond X-ray liquidographyKyung Hwan Kim; Hosung Ki; Key Young Oang, et al
2013-11Monodisperse pattern nanoalloying for synergistic intermetallic catalysisJeong Ho Mun; Yun Hee Chang; Shin D.O., et al
2013-11Direct Growth of Polyaniline Chains from N-Doped Sites of Carbon NanotubesAtta Ul Haq; Joonwon Lim; Je Moon Yun, et al
2013-11Nature of Rh oxide on Rh nanoparticles and its effect on the catalytic activity of CO oxidationSun Mi Kim; Kamran Qadir; Seo, B., et al
2013-11Nanoscale Resistive Switching Schottky Contacts on Self-Assembled Pt Nanodots on SrTiO3Hyunsoo Lee; Haeri Kim; Trong Nghia Van, et al
2013-12Protein energy landscapes determined by five-dimensional crystallographySchmidt, M.; Srajer, V.; Henning, R., et al
2013-12Controlling helical chirality of cobalt complexes by chirality transfer from vicinal diaminesMin-Seob Seo; Kiseong Kim; Hyunwoo Kim
2013-12Work function engineering of ZnO electrodes by using p-type and n-type doped carbon nanotubesAntonio Urbina; Ji Sun Park; Ju Min Lee, et al
2013-12Sintering behaviour and microstructures of nanostructured ZnO-ZnS core-shell powder by spark plasma sinteringWoo Hyun Nam; Young Soo Lim; Won-Seon Seo, et al
2013-02Simple super-resolution live-cell imaging based on diffusion-assisted Forster resonance energy transferCho, Sangyeon; Jang, Jaeduck; Song, Chaeyeon, et al
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