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Search for new physics in low-energy electron recoils from the first LZ exposure

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Search for new physics in low-energy electron recoils from the first LZ exposure
Aalbers, J.; Akerib, D.S.; Al, Musalhi A.K.; Alder, F.; Amarasinghe, C.S.; Ames, A.; Anderson, T.J.; Angelides, N.; Araujo, H.M.; Armstrong, J.E.; Arthurs, M.; Baker, A.; Balashov, S.; Bang, J.; Bargemann, J.W.; Baxter, A.; Beattie, K.; Beltrame, P.; Benson, T.; Bhatti, A.; Biekert, A.; Biesiadzinski, T.P.; Birch, H.J.; Blockinger, G.M.; Boxer, B.; Brew, C.A.J.; Bras, P.; Burdin, S.; Buuck, M.; Carmona-Benitez, M.C.; Chan, C.; Chawla, A.; Chen, H.; Cherwinka, J.J.; Chott, N.I.; Converse, M.V.; Cottle, A.; Cox, G.; Curran, D.; Dahl, C.E.; David, A.; Delgaudio, J.; Dey, S.; De, Viveiros L.; Ding, C.; Dobson, J.E.Y.; Druszkiewicz, E.; Eriksen, S.R.; Fan, A.; Fearon, N.M.; Fiorucci, S.; Flaecher, H.; Fraser, E.D.; Fruth, T.M.A.; Gaitskell, R.J.; Geffre, A.; Genovesi, J.; Ghag, C.; Gibbons, R.; Gokhale, S.; Green, J.; Van, Der Grinten M.G.D.; Hall, C.R.; Han, S.; Hartigan-O'Connor, E.; Haselschwardt, S.J.; Huang, D.Q.; Hertel, S.A.; Heuermann, G.; Horn, M.; Hunt, D.; Ignarra, C.M.; Jahangir, O.; James, R.S.; Johnson, J.; Kaboth, A.C.; Kamaha, A.C.; Khaitan, D.; Khazov, A.; Khurana, I.; Kim, J.; Kingston, J.; Kirk, R.; Kodroff, D.; Korley, L.; Korolkova, E.V.; Kraus, H.; Kravitz, S.; Kreczko, L.; Krikler, B.; Kudryavtsev, V.A.; Leason, E.A.; Jaison Lee; Douglas Leonard; Lesko, K.T.; Levy, C.; Lin, J.; Lindote, A.; Linehan, R.; Lippincott, W.H.; Liu, X.; Lopes, M.I.; Lopez, Asamar E.; Lorenzon, W.; Lu, C.; Lucero, D.; Luitz, S.; Majewski, P.A.; Manalaysay, A.; Mannino, R.L.; Maupin, C.; McCarthy, M.E.; McDowell, G.; McKinsey, D.N.; McLaughlin, J.; Miller, E.H.; Mizrachi, E.; Monte, A.; Monzani, M.E.; Morales, Mendoza J.D.; Morrison, E.; Mount, B.J.; Murdy, M.; Murphy, A. St. J.; Naim, D.; Naylor, A.; Nedlik, C.; Nelson, H.N.; Neves, F.; Nguyen, A.; Nikoleyczik, J.A.; Olcina, I.; Oliver-Mallory, K.C.; Orpwood, J.; Palladino, K.J.; Palmer, J.; Parveen, N.; Patton, S.J.; Penning, B.; Pereira, G.; Perry, E.; Pershing, T.; Piepke, A.; Poudel, S.; Qie, Y.; Reichenbacher, J.; Rhyne, C.A.; Riffard, Q.; Rischbieter, G.R.C.; Riyat, H.S.; Rosero, R.; Rushton, T.; Rynders, D.; Santone, D.; Sazzad, A.B.M.R.; Schnee, R.W.; Shaw, S.; Shutt, T.; Silk, J.J.; Silva, C.; Sinev, G.; Smith, R.; Solovov, V.N.; Sorensen, P.; Soria, J.; Stancu, I.; Stevens, A.; Stifter, K.; Suerfu, B.; Sumner, T.J.; Szydagis, M.; Taylor, W.C.; Temples, D.J.; Tiedt, D.R.; Timalsina, M.; Tong, Z.; Tovey, D.R.; Tranter, J.; Trask, M.; Tripathi, M.; Tronstad, D.R.; Turner, W.; Vacheret, A.; Vaitkus, A.C.; Wang, A.; Wang, J.J.; Wang, Y.; Watson, J.R.; Webb, R.C.; Weeldreyer, L.; Whitis, T.J.; Williams, M.; Wisniewski, W.J.; Wolfs, F.L.H.; Woodford, S.; Woodward, D.; Wright, C.J.; Xia, Q.; Xiang, X.; Xu, J.; Yeh, M.; Zweig, E.A.
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Physical Review d, v.108, no.7
The LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) experiment is a dark matter detector centered on a dual-phase xenon time projection chamber. We report searches for new physics appearing through few-keV-scale electron recoils, using the experiment's first exposure of 60 live days and a fiducial mass of 5.5 t. The data are found to be consistent with a background-only hypothesis, and limits are set on models for new physics including solar axion electron coupling, solar neutrino magnetic moment and millicharge, and electron couplings to galactic axionlike particles and hidden photons. Similar limits are set on weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) dark matter producing signals through ionized atomic states from the Migdal effect.
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