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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11Damping of an oscillating scalar field indirectly coupled to a thermal bathErwin H. Tanin; Ewan D. Stewart
2017-12Dark Energy, QCD Axion, and Trans-Planckian-Inflaton Decay ConstantJihn E. Kim
2018-06Dark matter direct detection from new interactions in models with spin-two mediatorsA. Carrillo-Monteverde; Yoo-Jin Kang; Hyun Min Lee, et al
2015-07Dark matter directionality revisited with a high pressure xenon gas detectorMohlabeng G.; Kong K.; Jin Li, et al
2018-01Dark matter kinetic decoupling with a light particleAyuki Kamada; Tomo Takahashi
2017-05Dark Matter Search in a Proton Beam Dump with MiniBooNEA.A. Aguilar-Arevalo; M. Backfish; A. Bashyal, et al
2018-12Dark matter search in nucleon, pion, and electron channels from a proton beam dump with MiniBooNEAguilar-Arevalo A.A.; M. Backfish; A. Bashyal, et al
2017-06Dark photon relic dark matter production through the dark axion portalKunio Kaneta; Hye-Sung Lee; Seokhoon Yun
2018-12Data Visualization using Linear and Non-linear Dimensionality Reduction MethodsJunsuk Kim; Joosang Youn
2019-09DC spin generation by junctions with AC driven spin-orbit interactionM. Jonson; R. I. Shekhter; O. Entin-Wohlman, et al
2018-11DCas9-mediated Nanoelectrokinetic Direct Detection of Target Gene for Liquid BiopsyHyomin Lee; Jihye Choi; Euihwan Jeong, et al
2015-01De novo mutations in the motor domain of KIF1A cause cognitive impairment, spastic paraparesis, axonal neuropathy, and cerebellar atrophyJae-Ran Lee; Myriam Srour; Doyoun Kim, et al
2013-06Deactivation of Ru Catalysts under Catalytic CO Oxidation by Formation of Bulk Ru Oxide Probed with Ambient Pressure XPSKamran Qadir; Sun Mi Kim; Hyungtak Seo, et al
2018-02Decadal Monsoon-ENSO Relationships ReexaminedKyung-Sook Yun; Axel Timmermann
2019-01Decaying axinolike dark matter: Discriminative solution to small-scale issuesKyu Jung Bae; Ayuki Kamada; Hee Jung Kim
2018-06Deciphering Clinicoradiologic Phenotype for Thymidylate Synthase Expression Status in Patients with Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma Using a Radiomics ApproachSo won Lee; Hyunjin Park; Ho Yun Lee, et al
2015-04Deciphering the Specific High-Affinity Binding of Cucurbit[7]uril to Amino Acids in WaterLee J.W.; Lee H.H.L.; Young Ho Ko, et al
2015-06Decoding Accuracy in Supplementary Motor Cortex Correlates with Perceptual Sensitivity to Tactile RoughnessJunsuk Kim; Yoon Gi Chung; Jang-Yeon Park, et al
2019-09Decoding spatial location of perceived pain to acupuncture needle using multivoxel pattern analysisWon-Mo Jung; In-Seon Lee; Ye-Seul Lee, et al
2018Decoding visual roughness perception: an fMRI studyJunsuk Kim; Isabelle Bulthoff; Heinrich H. Bulthoff