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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02A key interaction with RPA orients XPA in NER complexesTopolska-Wos A.M.; Sugitani N.; Cordoba J.J., et al
2016-10A lab-on-a-disc with reversible and thermally stable diaphragm valvesTae-Hyeong Kim; Vijaya Sunkara; Juhee Park, et al
2018-05A Lignin Molecular Brace Controls Precision Processing of Cell Walls Critical for Surface Integrity in ArabidopsisYuree Lee; Taek Han Yoon; Jiyoun Lee, et al
2018-11A magnetic resonance tuning sensor for the MRI detection of biological targetsTae-Hyun Shin; Sunghwi Kang; Sohyeon Park, et al
2017-05A map of the non-thermal WIMPHyungjin Kim; Jeong-Pyong Hong; Chang Sub Shin
2015-08A mathematical model relating cortical oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin flows and volumes to neural activityCornelius, NR; Nishimura, N; Minah Suh, et al
2018-12A measurement of the scintillation decay time constant of nuclear recoils in liquid xenon with the XMASS-I detectorThe XMASS collaboration, Abe K.; Hiraide K.; Ichimura K., et al
2016-10A measurement of the time profile of scintillation induced by low energy gamma-rays in liquid xenon with the XMASS-I detectorTakiya H.; Abe K.; Hiraide K., et al
2016-06A mechanogenetic toolkit for interrogating cell signaling in space and timeSeo D.; Southard K.M.; Ji-wook Kim, et al
2019-11A meta-analysis of lhc resultsAciksoz, S; Cark, B; Kirpici, SM, et al
2017-05A microfluidic chip for screening individual cancer cells via eavesdropping on autophagyinducing crosstalk in the stroma nicheHacer Ezgi Karakas; Junyoung Kim; Juhee Park, et al
2018-07A missense allele of KARRIKIN-INSENSITIVE2 impairs ligand-binding and downstream signaling in Arabidopsis thalianaLee, I; Kim, K; Lee, S, et al
2018-05A Missense Variant at the Nrxn3 Locus Enhances Empathy Fear in the MouseSehoon Keum; Arie Kim; Jae Jin Shin, et al
2018-09A mitochondrial proteome profile indicative of type 2 diabetes mellitus in skeletal musclesSehyun Chae; Su-Jin Kim; Young Do Koo, et al
2016-10A model for pseudo-Dirac neutrinos: leptogenesis and ultra-high energy neutrinosAhn Y.H.; Kang S.K.; Kim C.S.
2018-11A Model on Heat Signal of Crystal Detector at Low TemperatureJin Li; Inwook Kim
2017-05A modular approach to cubic Thue-Mahler equationsDohyeong Kim
2017-03A molecular approach to an electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction on single-layer grapheneSohyeon Seo; Keunsik Lee; Misook Min, et al
2020-01A mouse ear skin model to study the dynamics of innate immune responses against Staphylococcus aureus biofilmsAbdul Hamid A.I.; Nakusi L.; Givskov M., et al
2019-02A MST1-FOXO1 cascade establishes endothelial tip cell polarity and facilitates sprouting angiogenesisKim, YH; Jeongwoon Choi; Myung Jin Yang, et al
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