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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-07Gene regulatory cascade of senescence-associated NAC transcription factors activated by ETHYLENE-INSENSITIVE2-mediated leaf senescence signalling in ArabidopsisHighly Cited PaperHyojung Kim; Sunghyun Hong; You Wang Kim, et al
2017-02High-Throughput and Computational Study of Leaf Senescence through a Phenomic ApproachJae IL Lyu; Seung Hee Baek; Sukjoon Jung, et al
2019-04Leaf Senescence: Systems and Dynamics AspectsHye Ryun Woo; Hyo Jung Kim; Pyung Ok Lim, et al
2017-08Molecular bases for differential aging programs between flag and second leaves during grain-filling in riceShinyoung Lee; Hyobin Jeong; Sichul Lee, et al
2019-03Natural allelic variation of GVS1 confers diversity in the regulation of leaf senescence in ArabidopsisJae Il Lyu; Jin Hee Kim; Hyosub Chu, et al
2018-02New insights into the regulation of leaf senescence in ArabidopsisJeongsik Kim; Jin Hee Kim; Jae Il Lyu, et al
2016-10NORE1/SAUL1 integrates temperature-dependent defense programs involving SGT1b and PAD4 pathways and leaf senescence in ArabidopsisIl Hwan Lee; In Chul Lee; Jeongsik Kim, et al
2013-11Plant leaf senescence and death – regulation by multiple layers of control and implications for aging in general multiple layers of control and implications for aging in generalHye Ryun Woo; Hyo Jung Kim; Hong Gil Nam, et al
2015-04Rootin, a compound that inhibits root development through modulating PIN-mediated auxin distributionSuyeong Jeong; Jun-Young Kim; Hyunmo Choi, et al
2014-02The homeodomain-leucine zipper ATHB23, a phytochrome B-interacting protein, is important for phytochrome B-mediated red light signalingHyunmo Choi; Suyeong Jeong; Dong Su Kim, et al
2018-05Time-evolving genetic networks reveal a NAC troika that negatively regulates leaf senescence in ArabidopsisHyo Jung Kim; Ji-Hwan Park; Jingil Kim, et al