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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05100-kHz 22-fs Ti:sapphire regenerative amplification laser with programmable spectral controlJae Hee Sung; Hwang Woon Lee; Chang Hee Nam, et al
2017-064.2 PW, 20 fs Ti:sapphire laser at 0.1 HzHighly Cited PaperJae Hee Sung; HWANG WOON LEE; JE YOON YOO, et al
2015-12A broadband gamma-ray spectrometry using novel unfolding algorithms for characterization of laser wakefield-generated betatron radiationJong Ho Jeon; Kazuhisa Nakajima; Hyung Taek Kim, et al
2016-09A diagnostic for micrometer sensitive positioning of solid targets in intense laser-matter interactionPrashant Kumar Singh; K.F. Kakolee; Tae Won Jeong, et al
2019-08Accurate single-shot measurement technique for the spectral distribution of GeV electron beams from a laser wakefield acceleratorC. I. Hojbota; Hyung Taek Kim; Jung Hun Shin, et al
2019-07Achieving the laser intensity of 5.5×1022 W/cm2 with a wavefront-corrected multi-PW laserJIN WOO YOON; CHEONHA JEON; JUNGHOON SHIN, et al
2018-08All optical dual stage laser wakefield acceleration driven by two-color laser pulsesVishwa Bandhu Pathak; Hyung Taek Kim; Vieira J., et al
2015-05Attosecond pulses generated by the lighthouse effect in Ar gasTosa, V; Lee, JS; Hyung Taek Kim, et al
2015-02Autocorrelation-subtracted Fourier transform holography method for large specimen imagingKyoung Hwan Lee; Hyeok Yun; Jae Hee Sung, et al
2019-04Biermann battery effects on the turbulent dynamo in a colliding plasma jets produced by high-power lasersChang-Mo Ryu; Huynh Cong Tuan; Chul Min Kim
2018-09Bright muon source driven by GeV electron beams from a compact laser wakefield acceleratorBobbili Sanyasi Rao; Jong Ho Jeon; Hyung Taek Kim, et al
2020-04Broadband nanosecond optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification with a double-sliced pump pulseHwang Woon Lee; Kim Y.G.; Je Yoon Yoo a, et al
2014-02Carrier-envelope-phase-dependent above-threshold ionization of xenon observed with multi-cycle laser pulsesKyung Sik Kang; Kyungseung Kim; Jae-hwan Lee, et al
2015-04Characterization of x-ray lens for use in probing high energy density states of matterMabey, P; Hartley, NJ; Doyle, HW, et al
2015-03Coherent transition radiation from thin targets irradiated by high intensity laser pulsesLee Jin Bae; Byeoung Ick Cho
2018-11Controlled electron injection facilitated by nanoparticles for laser wakefield accelerationMyung Hoon Cho; Vishwa Bandhu Pathak; Hyung Taek Kim, et al
2017-05CR-39 track detector for multi-MeV ion spectroscopyTae Won Jeong; P.K. Singh; Scullion, C, et al
2015-08Demonstration of a Circularly Polarized Plasma-Based Soft-X-Ray LaserDepresseux, A; Oliva, E; Gautier, J, et al
2016-02Development of foam-based layered targets for laser-driven ion beam productionPrencipe I.; Sgattoni A.; Dellasega D., et al
2018-04Direct sampling of a light wave in airSEUNG BEOM PARK; KYUNGSEUNG KIM; WOSIK CHO, et al
2018-01Effect of a magnetic field on Schwinger mechanism in de Sitter spacetimeBavarsad, E; Sang Pyo Kim; Stahl, C, et al
2018-06Effect of the temporal laser pulse asymmetry on pair production processes during intense laser-electron scatteringHojbota, CI; Hyung Taek Kim; Chul Min Kim, et al
2014-08Effective post-acceleration of ion bunches in foils irradiated by ultra-intense laser pulsesAndreev, AA; P. V. Nickles; Platonov, KY
2018-01Efficient ionization of atomic tin assisted by N-type multiphoton Raman resonancesS.J. Park; J.W. Yoon; H. Ishiyama, et al
2019-08Electron energy increase in a laser wakefield accelerator using up-ramp plasma density profilesConstantin Aniculaesei; Vishwa Bandhu Pathak; Hyung Taek Kim, et al
2015-09Enhanced two-color high-harmonic generation achieved by adding an extra gas mediumSeung Beom Park; Kyungseung Kim; Kyoung Hwan Lee, et al
2013-10Enhancement of electron energy to the multi-gev regime by a dual-stage laser-wakefield accelerator pumped by petawatt laser pulsesHighly Cited PaperHyung Taek Kim; Pae K.H.; Cha H.J., et al
2014-08Enhancement of temporal contrast of high-power femtosecond laser pulses using two saturable absorbers in the picosecond regimeJae Hee Sung; Seong Ku Lee; Tae Moon Jeong, et al
2014-06Evidence for a glassy state in strongly driven carbonBrown, C. R. D.; Gericke, D. O.; Cammarata, M., et al
2016-08Experimental evaluation of the response of micro-channel plate detector to ions with 10s of MeV energiesTae Won Jeong; P.K. Singh; Scullion C., et al
2018-07Exploration of Strong Field Physics with Multi-PW LasersSeong Ku Lee; Hyung Taek Kim; Il Woo Choi, et al
2015-12Fast scaling of energetic protons generated in the interaction of linearly polarized femtosecond petawatt laser pulses with ultrathin targetsI Jong Kim; Ki Hong Pae; Chul Min Kim, et al
2014-07Fine Phantom Image from Laser-induced Proton Radiography with a Spatial Resolution of Several μmJaebum Son; Cheol Ho Lee; Jeongsoo Kang, et al
2014-02First-principles simulation of the optical response of bulk and thin-film α-quartz irradiated with an ultrashort intense laser pulseKyung-Min Lee; Chul Min Kim; Shunsuke A. Sato, et al
2016-03Generation of quasi-monoenergetic protons from a double-species target driven by the radiation pressure of an ultraintense laser pulseKi Hong Pae; Chul Min Kim; Chang Hee Nam
2020-02Influence of polarization on back-reflected e(-)e(+) pair jets from laser-electron collisionC I Hojbota; Hyung Taek Kim; V B Pathak, et al
2018-05Intensity-dependent resonant transmission of x-rays in solid-density aluminum plasmaM. S. Cho; Chung H.-K.; B. I. Cho
2015-03Investigation of femtosecond collisional ionization rates in a solid-density aluminium plasmaVinko S.M.; Ciricosta O.; Preston T.R., et al
2017-01Ion acceleration in electrostatic field of charged cavity created by ultra-short laser pulses of 1020-1021 W/cm2V. Yu. Bychenkov; Prashant Kumar Singh; Ahmed H., et al
2015-04Ising interaction between two qubits composed of the highest magnetic quantum number states through magnetic dipole-dipole interactionSang Jae Yun; Jaewan Kim; Chang Hee Nam
2015-07Laser-driven high-energy proton beam with homogeneous spatial profile from a nanosphere targetMargarone, D; I Jong Kim; Psikal, J, et al
2017-06Master formulas for the dressed scalar propagator in a constant fieldAftab Ahmad; Naser Ahmadiniaz; Olindo Corradini, et al
2016-07Measurement of angularly dependent spectra of betatron gamma-rays from a laser plasma accelerator with quadrant-sectored range filtersJong Ho Jeon; Kazuhisa Nakajima; Hyung Taek Kim, et al
2016-01Measurement of Electron-Ion Relaxation in Warm Dense CopperByeoung Ick Cho; Ogitsu T.; Engelhorn K., et al
2016-05Measurements of continuum lowering in solid-density plasmas created from elements and compoundsCiricosta, O; Vinko, SM; Barbrel, B, et al
2014-12Nonlinear absorption and optical damage threshold of carbon-based nanostructured material embedded in a proteinJanulewicz, KA; Hapiddin, A; Joseph, D, et al
2014-06Opacity effects in a solid-density aluminium plasma created by photo-excitation with an X-ray laserD.S. Rackstraw; S.M. Vinko; O. Ciricosta, et al
2016-09Optical breakdown-driven mesostructure in bulk of soda-lime glassZia U. Rehman; Suk, H; Karol Adam Janulewicz
2020-03Path integral formulation of light propagation in a static collisionless plasma, and its application to dynamic plasmaJE HOI MUN; CHEONHA JEON; CHANG-MO RYU
2015-10Polarization of amplified spontaneous emission in a plasma active mediumChul Min Kim; H. Stiel; B.Matous, et al
2017Probing multiple molecular orbitals in an orthogonally polarized two-color laser fieldHyeok Yun; Hyung Taek Kim; Kyung Taec Kim, et al
2019-10Proof-of-Principle Experiment for Nanoparticle-Assisted Laser Wakefield Electron AccelerationAniculaesei, C; Pathak, VB; Oh, KH, et al
2017-10Propagation and damping of Alfvén waves in low solar atmosphereChang-Mo Ryu; Cong Tuan Huynh
2019-10Proton acceleration through a charged cavity created by ultraintense laser pulseTer-Avetisyan S.; P. K. Singh; M. H. Cho, et al
2019-05Quantum Electrodynamics Actions in Supercritical FieldsSang Pyo Kim; Lee, HK
2016-03Quantum path analysis for arbitrary optical-waveform measurementsKyungseung Kim; Chang Hee Nam; Kyung Taec Kim
2018-06Quasi-monoenergetic multi-GeV electron acceleration by optimizing the spatial and spectral phases of PW laser pulsesShin, J; Hyung Taek Kim; V B Pathak, et al
2016-07Radiation pressure acceleration of protons to 93 MeV with circularly polarized petawatt laser pulsesI Jong Kim; Ki Hong Pae; Il Woo Choi, et al
2015-04Resolving Multiple Molecular Orbitals Using Two-Dimensional High-Harmonic SpectroscopyHyeok Yun; Kyung-Min Lee; Jae Hee Sung, et al
2015-01Saturable absorption of an X-ray free-electron-laser heated solid-density aluminum plasmaRackstraw D.S.; Ciricosta O.; Vinko S.M., et al
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