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Kakolee, Kaniz Fatema

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-11 Ultrashort PW laser pulse interaction with target and ion acceleration Ter-Avetisyan, SSingh, PKKakolee, KFAhmed, HTaeWon JeongScullion, CHadjisolomou, PBorghesi, MBychenkov, VYSingh, PKKakolee, KFTaeWon Jeong
2018-11 Intensified proton and carbon ion flux from femtosecond laser driven plasma source P. K. SinghA. A. AndreevK. F. KakoleeS. Ter-AvetisyanP. K. SinghK. F. Kakolee
2017-05 CR-39 track detector for multi-MeV ion spectroscopy Tae Won JeongP.K. SinghScullion, CAhmed, HHadjisolomou, PC. JeonH. YunK.F. KakoleeBorghesi, MS. Ter-Avetisyan
2017-01 Ion acceleration in electrostatic field of charged cavity created by ultra-short laser pulses of 1020-1021 W/cm2 V. Yu. BychenkovPrashant Kumar SinghAhmed H.K.F. KakoleeScullion C.Tae Won JeongHadjisolomou P.Alejo A.Kar S.Borghesi M.Sargis Ter-AvetisyanPrashant Kumar SinghK.F. KakoleeTae Won JeongSargis Ter-Avetisyan
2016-11 Surface modulation and back reflection from foil targets irradiated by a Petawatt femtosecond laser pulse at oblique incidence S. Ter-AvetisyanAndreev A.Platonov K.Sung J.H.Lee S.K.H.W. LeeJ.Y. YooP.K. SinghAhmed H.Scullion C.K.F. KakoleeTae Won JeongHadjisolomou P.Borghesi M.S. Ter-AvetisyanH.W. LeeJ.Y. YooP.K. SinghK.F. KakoleeTae Won Jeong
2016-09 A diagnostic for micrometer sensitive positioning of solid targets in intense laser-matter interaction Prashant Kumar SinghK.F. KakoleeTae Won JeongSargis Ter-AvetisyanPrashant Kumar SinghK.F. KakoleeTae Won JeongSargis Ter-Avetisyan
2016-08 Experimental evaluation of the response of micro-channel plate detector to ions with 10s of MeV energies Tae Won JeongP.K. SinghScullion C.Ahmed H.K.F. KakoleeHadjisolomou P.Alejo A.Kar S.Borghesi M.S. Ter-AvetisyanTae Won JeongP.K. SinghK.F. KakoleeS. Ter-Avetisyan
2016-03 Scaling of ion spectral peaks in the hybrid RPA-TNSA region K. F. KakoleeBorghesi, MZepf, MKar, SDoria, DRamakrishna, BQuinn, KSarri, GOsterholz, JCerchez, MWilli, OYuan, XMcKenna, PK. F. Kakolee
2016-02 Development of foam-based layered targets for laser-driven ion beam production Prencipe I.Sgattoni A.Dellasega D.Fedeli L.Cialfi L.Il Woo ChoiI Jong KimKarol Adam JanulewiczK F KakoleeHwang Woon LeeJae Hee SungSeong Ku LeeChang Hee NamPassoni M.Il Woo ChoiK F KakoleeHwang Woon LeeChang Hee Nam