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Kim, Sang Gyu

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-10 Generation of early-flowering Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa spp. pekinensis) through CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing So Young JeongHyomin AhnJahee RyuYoungbin OhGaneshan SivanandhanKang‑Hee WonYoung Doo ParkJin‑Soo KimHyeran KimYong Pyo LimSang‑Gyu KimHyomin AhnJahee RyuJin‑Soo KimHyeran KimSang‑Gyu Kim
2019-10 Guidelines for C to T base editing in plants: base-editing window, guide RNA length, and efficient promoter Beum‑Chang KangJe Wook WooSang‑Tae KimSu‑Ji BaeMinkyung ChoiJin‑Soo KimSang‑Gyu KimBeum‑Chang KangJe Wook WooSang‑Tae KimSu‑Ji BaeMinkyung ChoiJin‑Soo KimSang‑Gyu Kim
2017-11 An Alcohol Dehydrogenase Gene from Synechocystis sp Confers Salt Tolerance in Transgenic Tobacco Yi, SYKu, SSHee-Jung SimSang-Kyu KimPark, JHIl Lyu, JSo, EJChoi, SYKim, JAhn, MSKim, SWPark, HJeong, WJLim, YPMin, SRLiu, JRHee-Jung SimSang-Kyu Kim
2017-11 What happens in the pith stays in the pith: tissue-localized defense responses facilitate chemical niche differentiation between two spatially separated herbivores Lee G.Joo Y.Sang-Gyu KimBaldwin I.T.Sang-Gyu Kim
2017-11 Fitness consequences of a clock pollinator filter in Nicotiana attenuata flowers in nature Yon F.Kessler D.Joo Y.Kim S.-G.Baldwin I.T.Kim S.-G.
2017-08 Circadian clock component, LHY, tells a plant when to respond photosynthetically to light in nature(FA) Joo, YFragoso, VYon, FBaldwin, ITKim, SGKim, SG
2017-03 Functional specialization of Nicotiana attenuata phytochromes in leaf development and flowering time Variluska Fragosoyoungjoo OhSang-Gyu KimKlaus GaseThomas BaldwinSang-Gyu Kim
2017-03 Fitness consequences of altering floral circadian oscillations for Nicotiana attenuata Felipe YonDanny KesslerYoungsung JooLucas Cortes LlorcaSang Gyu KimIan T. BaldwinSang Gyu Kim
2016-11 Stem-piped light activates phytochrome B to trigger light responses in arabidopsis thaliana roots Lee H.-J.Ha J.-H.Sang-Gyu KimChoi H.-K.Kim Z.H.Han Y.-J.Kim J.-I.Oh Y.Fragoso V.Kwangsoo ShinHyeon T.Choi H.-G.Oh K.-H.Baldwin I.T.Park C.-M.Sang-Gyu KimKwangsoo ShinHyeon T.
2016-09 Functional characterization of the ribosome biogenesis factors PES, BOP1, and WDR12 (PeBoW), and mechanisms of defective cell growth and proliferation caused by PeBoW deficiency in Arabidopsis Ahn C.S.Hui Kyung ChoLee D.-H.Sim H.-J.Kim S.-G.Pai H.-S.Hui Kyung ChoSim H.-J.Kim S.-G.
2016-07 Shifting Nicotiana attenuata's diurnal rhythm does not alter its resistance to the specialist herbivore Manduca sexta Herden, JMeldau, SKim, SGKunert, GJoo, YBaldwin, ITSchuman, MCKim, SG