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Tran, Si Bui Trung

나노물질 및 화학반응 연구단

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-08 Size-controlled model Ni catalysts on Ga2O3 for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol Hanseul ChoiSunyoung OhSi Bui Trung TranJeong Young ParkHanseul ChoiSi Bui Trung TranJeong Young Park
2019-07 Defective Nb2O5-supported Pt catalysts for CO oxidation: Promoting catalytic activity via oxygen vacancy engineering Si Bui Trung TranHanseul ChoiSunyoung OhJeong Young ParkSi Bui Trung TranHanseul ChoiJeong Young Park
2018 Iron-doped ZnO as a support for Pt-based catalysts to improve activity and stability: Enhancement of metal-support interaction by the doping effect Si Bui Trung TranHan Seul ChoiSun Young OhSong Yi MoonJeong Young ParkSi Bui Trung TranHan Seul ChoiJeong Young Park