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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-03 Timing and magnitude of southern ocean sea ice/carbon cycle feedbacks Karl SteinAxel TimmermannEun Young KwonFriedrich T.Karl SteinAxel Timmermann
2020-01 Strong remote control of future equatorial warming by off-equatorial forcing Malte F. StueckerAxel TimmermannJin F.-F.Proistosescu C.Kang S.M.Kim D.Kyung-Sook YunEui-Seok ChungJung-Eun ChuBitz C.M.Armour K.C.Hayashi M.Malte F. StueckerAxel Timmermann
2020-01 Using Late Pleistocene sea surface temperature reconstructions to constrain future greenhouse warming Friedrich T.Axel TimmermannAxel Timmermann
2019-11 Human origins in a southern African palaeo-wetland and first migrations Chan E.K.F.Axel TimmermannBaldi B.F.Moore A.E.Lyons R.J.Sun-Seon LeeKalsbeek A.M.F.Petersen D.C.Rautenbach H.Fortsch H.E.A.Bornman M.S.R.Hayes V.M.Axel TimmermannSun-Seon Lee
2019-11 Climate-human interaction associated with southeast Australian megafauna extinction patterns Saltré, FrédérikChadoeuf, JoëlPeters, Katharina J.McDowell, Matthew C.Friedrich, TobiasAxel TimmermannUlm, SeanBradshow, Corey J.A.Axel Timmermann
2019-10 Nonlinear response of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to late Quaternary sea level and climate forcing Tigchelaar, MichelleTimmermann, AxelFriedrich, TobiasHeinemann, MaltePollard, DavidTimmermann, Axel
2019-10 Drivers of Late Pleistocene human survival and dispersal: an agent-based modeling and machine learning approach R. Vahdati A.Weissmann J.D.Timmermann A.Ponce de Leon M.S.Zollikofer C.P.E.Timmermann A.
2019-09 Antarctic iceberg impacts on future Southern Hemisphere climate Schloesser F.Friedrich T.Timmermann A.DeConto R.M.Pollard D.Timmermann A.
2019-08 North American April tornado occurrences linked to global sea surface temperature anomalies J.-E. ChuA. TimmermannJ.-Y. LeeJ.-E. ChuA. Timmermann
2019-05 Saharan green corridors and Middle Pleistocene hominin dispersals across the Eastern Desert, Sudan Masojć M.Nassr A.Kim J.Y.Krupa-Kurzynowska J.Sohn Y.K.Szmit M.Kim J.C.Kim J.S.Choi H.W.Wieczorek M.Axel TimmermannAxel Timmermann
2019-05 Reconciling opposing Walker circulation trends in observations and model projections Eui-Seok ChungTimmermann A.Soden B.J.Kyung-Ja HaShi L.John V.O.Eui-Seok ChungTimmermann A.
2019-03 Sea ice variability in the southern Norwegian Sea during glacial Dansgaard-Oeschger climate cycles Sadatzki H.Dokken T.M.Berben S.M.P.Muschitiello F.Stein R.Fahl K.Menviel L.Axel TimmermannJansen E.Axel Timmermann
2018-09 Drivers of future seasonal cycle changes in oceanic pCO2 M. Angeles GallegoAxel TimmermannTobias FriedrichRichard E. ZeebeAxel Timmermann
2018-08 Disentangling Impacts of Dynamic and Thermodynamic Components on Late Summer Rainfall Anomalies in East Asia Hyoeun OhKyung-Ja HaAxel TimmermannHyoeun OhAxel Timmermann
2018-08 Did Our Species Evolve in Subdivided Populations across Africa, and Why Does It Matter? Eleanor M.L. ScerriMark G. ThomasAndrea ManicaPhilipp GunzJay T. StockChris StringerMatt GroveHuw S. GroucuttAxel TimmermannG. Philip RightmireFrancesco d’ErricoChristian A. TryonNick A. DrakeAlison S. BrooksRobin W. DennellRichard DurbinBrenna M. HennJulia Lee-ThorpPeter deMenocalMichael D. PetragliaJessica C. ThompsonAylwyn ScallyLounès ChikhiAxel Timmermann
2018-08 Local insolation changes enhance Antarctic interglacials: Insights from an 800,000-year ice sheet simulation with transient climate forcing Michelle TigchelaarAxel TimmermannDavid PollardTobias FriedrichMalte HeinemannAxel Timmermann
2018-07 El Niño–Southern Oscillation complexity Axel TimmermannAn, Soon-IlKug, Jong-SeongFei-Fei JinWenju CaiAntonietta CapotondiKim CobbMatthieu LengaigneMichael J. McPhadenMalte F. StueckerKarl SteinAndrew T. WittenbergKyung-Sook YunTobias BayrHan-Ching ChenYoshimitsu ChikamotoBoris DewitteDietmar DommengetPamela GrotheEric GuilyardiHam, Yoo-GeunMichiya HayashiSarah InesonKang, DaehyunKim, SunyongKim, WonMooJune-Yi LeeTim LiJing-Jia LuoShayne McGregorYann PlantonScott PowerHarun RashidHong-Li RenAgus SantosoKen TakahashiAlexander ToddGuomin WangGuojian WangRuihuang XieYang, Woo-HyunYeh, Sang-WookYoon, JinhoElke ZellerXuebin ZhangAxel TimmermannKarl Stein
2018-04 Precession and atmospheric CO2 modulated variability of sea ice in the central Okhotsk Sea since 130,000 years ago Li LoSimon T. BeltJulie LattaudTobias FriedrichChristian ZeedenStefan SchoutenLukas SmikAxel TimmermannPatricia Cabedo-SanzJyh-Jaan HuangLiping ZhouTsong-Hua OuYuan-Pin ChangLiang-Chi WangYu-Min ChouChuan-Chou ShenMin-Te ChenKuo-Yen WeiSheng-Rong SongTien-Hsi FangSergey A. GorbarenkoWei-Lung WangTeh-Quei LeeHenry ElderfieldDavid A. HodellAxel Timmermann
2018-02 Decadal Monsoon-ENSO Relationships Reexamined Kyung-Sook YunAxel TimmermannKyung-Sook YunAxel Timmermann
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