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Simulations of events for the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) dark matter experiment

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Simulations of events for the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) dark matter experiment
Akerib, D.S.; Akerlof, C.W.; Alqahtani, A.; Alsum, S.K.; Anderson, T.J.; Angelides, N.; Araujo, H.M.; Armstrong, J.E.; Arthurs, M.; Bai, X.; Balajthy, J.; Balashov, S.; Bang, J.; Bauer, D.; Baxter, A.; Bensinger, J.; Bernard, E.P.; Bernstein, A.; Bhatti, A.; Biekert, A.; Biesiadzinski, T.P.; Birch, H.J.; Boast, K.E.; Boxer, B.; Bras, P.; Buckley, J.H.; Bugaev, V.V.; Burdin, S.; Busenitz, J.K.; Cabrita, R.; Carels, C.; Carlsmith, D.L.; Carmona-Benitez, M.C.; Cascella, M.; Chan, C.; Chott, N.I.; Cole, A.; Cottle, A.; Cutter, J.E.; Dahl, C.E.; de, Viveiros L.; Dobson, J.E.Y.; Druszkiewicz, E.; Edberg, T.K.; Eriksen, S.R.; Fan, A.; Fayer, S.; Fiorucci, S.; Flaecher, H.; Fraser, E.D.; Fruth, T.; Gaitskell, R.J.; Genovesi, J.; Ghag, C.; Gibson, E.; Gilchriese, M.G.D.; Gokhale, S.; van, der Grinten M.G.D.; Hall, C.R.; Harrison, A.; Haselschwardt, S.J.; Hertel, S.A.; Hor, J.Y.-K.; Horn, M.; Huang, D.Q.; Ignarra, C.M.; Jahangir, O.; Ji, W.; Johnson, J.; Kaboth, A.C.; Kamaha, A.C.; Kamdin, K.; Kazkaz, K.; Khaitan, D.; Khazov, A.; Khurana, I.; Kocher, C.D.; Korley, L.; Korolkova, E.V.; Kras, J.; Kraus, H.; Kravitz, S.; Kreczko, L.; Krikler, B.; Kudryavtsev, V.A.; Leason, E.A.; Jaison Lee; Douglas Leonard; Lesko, K.T.; Levy, C.; Jin Li; Liao, J.; Liao, F.-T.; Lin, J.; Lindote, A.; Linehan, R.; Lippincott, W.H.; Liu, R.; Liu, X.; Loniewski, C.; Lopes, M.I.; Lopez, Paredes B.; Lorenzon, W.; Luitz, S.; Lyle, J.M.; Majewski, P.A.; Manalaysay, A.; Manenti, L.; Mannino, R.L.; Marangou, N.; Marzioni, M.F.; McKinsey, D.N.; McLaughlin, J.; Meng, Y.; Miller, E.H.; Mizrachi, E.; Monte, A.; Monzani, M.E.; Morad, J.A.; Morrison, E.; Mount, B.J.; Murphy, A.S.J.; Naim, D.; Naylor, A.; Nedlik, C.; Nehrkorn, C.; Nelson, H.N.; Neves, F.; Nikoleyczik, J.A.; Nilima, A.; Olcina, I.; Oliver-Mallory, K.C.; Pal, S.; Palladino, K.J.; Palmer, J.; Parveen, N.; Pease, E.K.; Penning, B.; Pereira, G.; Piepke, A.; Pushkin, K.; Reichenbacher, J.; Rhyne, C.A.; Richards, A.; Riffard, Q.; Rischbieter, G.R.C.; Rosero, R.; Rossiter, P.; Rutherford, G.; Santone, D.; Sazzad, A.B.M.R.; Schnee, R.W.; Schubnell, M.; Scovell, P.R.; Seymour, D.; Shaw, S.; Shutt, T.A.; Silk, J.J.; Silva, C.; Smith, R.; Solmaz, M.; Solovov, V.N.; Sorensen, P.; Stancu, I.; Stevens, A.; Stifter, K.; Sumner, T.J.; Swanson, N.; Szydagis, M.; Tan, M.; Taylor, W.C.; Taylor, R.; Temples, D.J.; Terman, P.A.; Tiedt, D.R.; Timalsina, M.; Tomas, A.; Tripathi, M.; Tronstad, D.R.; Turner, W.; Tvrznikova, L.; Utku, U.; Vacheret, A.; Vaitkus, A.; Wang, J.J.; Wang, W.; Watson, J.R.; Webb, R.C.; White, R.G.; Whitis, T.J.; Wolfs, F.L.H.; Woodward, D.; Xiang, X.; Xu, J.; Yeh, M.; Zarzhitsky, P.
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©2020 Published by Elsevier B.V. LUX-ZEPLIN dark matter search aims to achieve a sensitivity to the WIMP-nucleon spin-independent cross-section down to (1–2)×10−12 pb at a WIMP mass of 40 GeV/c2. This paper describes the simulations framework that, along with radioactivity measurements, was used to support this projection, and also to provide mock data for validating reconstruction and analysis software. Of particular note are the event generators, which allow us to model the background radiation, and the detector response physics used in the production of raw signals, which can be converted into digitized waveforms similar to data from the operational detector. Inclusion of the detector response allows us to process simulated data using the same analysis routines as developed to process the experimental data
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