Journal Papers (저널논문)111

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01A central role for PI3K-AKT signaling pathway in linking SAMHD1-deficiency to the type I interferon signatureChanghoon Oh ; Jeongmin Ryoo; Park, K, et al
2016-07MTAIL-seq reveals dynamic poly(A) tail regulation in oocyte-to-embryo developmentJaechul Lim; Mihye Lee; Ahyeon Son, et al
2015-06Genomic Alterations in the RB Pathway Indicate Prognostic Outcomes of Early-Stage Lung AdenocarcinomaSeongmin Choi; Kim, HR; Sung, CO, et al
2017-04Genome-wide Mapping of DROSHA Cleavage Sites on Primary MicroRNAs and Noncanonical SubstratesBaekgyu Kim; Kyowon Jeong; V. Narry Kim
2017-03Architecture Mapping of the Inner Mitochondrial Membrane Proteome by Chemical Tools in Live CellsLee S.-Y.; Kang M.-G.; Sanghee Shin, et al
2016-01Structure of human DROSHAS. Chul Kwon; Tuan Anh Nguyen; Yeon-Gil Choi, et al
2015-11Electro-hyperthermia inhibits glioma tumorigenicity through the induction of E2F1-mediated apoptosisCha, J.; Jeon, T.-W.; Lee, C.G., et al
2015-10Multiple repressive mechanisms in the hippocampus during memory formationJun Cho; Nam-Kyung Yu; Jun-Hyeok Choi, et al
2016-02In-depth investigation of the interaction between DNA and nano-sized graphene oxideJieon Lee; Yim, Y.; Kim, S., et al
2015-06Temporal Landscape of MicroRNA-Mediated Host-Virus Crosstalk during Productive Human Cytomegalovirus InfectionSungchul Kim; Daekwan Seo; Dongwoo Kim, et al
2016-05Regulation of Poly(A) Tail and Translation during the Somatic Cell CycleJong-Eun Park; Hyerim Yi; Yoosik Kim, et al
2015-06One-Pot Synthesis of Multifunctional Au@Graphene Oxide Nanocolloid Core@Shell Nanoparticles for Raman Bioimaging, Photothermal, and Photodynamic TherapyYoung-Kwan Kim; Hee-Kyung Na; Seongchan Kim, et al
2016-03Re-evaluation of the roles of DROSHA, Exportin 5, and DICER in microRNA biogenesisHighly Cited PaperYoung-Kook Kim; Boseon Kim; V. Narry Kim
2016-03In-depth study on the gene silencing capability of silica nanoparticles with different pore sizes: degree and duration of RNA interferenceSeongchan Kim; Hee-Kyung Na; Won, C, et al
2017-11Rules for functional microRNA targetingDoyeon Kim; Hee Ryung Chang; Daehyun Baek
2018-02Development of Dual-Pore Coexisting Branched Silica Nanoparticles for Efficient Gene-Chemo Cancer TherapyJong-Hwan Lee; Seounghun Kang; Minchul Ahn, et al
2018-01TAF15b, involved in the autonomous pathway for flowering, represses transcription of FLOWERING LOCUS CHyunjoo Eom; Park, SJ; Kim, MK, et al
2016-09Sex hormones establish a reserve pool of adult muscle stem cellsKim, JH; Han, GC; Seo, JY, et al
2016-07Response to Comment on Multiple repressive mechanisms in the hippocampus during memory formationJun Cho; Yu N.-K.; V. Narry Kim, et al
2017-06Korean Variant Archive (KOVA): A reference database of genetic variations in the Korean populationSangmoon Lee; Jihae Seo; Jinman Park, et al
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