Journal Papers (저널논문)260

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05Thermally activated heavy states and anomalous optical properties in a multiband metal: The case of SrMnSb2Hyun Ju Park; Luke J. Sandilands; Jungsang You, et al
2016-05Direct Nanoscale Analysis of Temperature-Resolved Growth Behaviors of Ultrathin Perovskites on SrTiO3Young Jun Chang; Soo-Hyon Phark
2016-05Tunable band gap in epitaxial ferroelectric Ho(Mn,Ga)O3 filmsDaesu Lee; Choi W.S.; Tae Won Noh
2016-05Upper critical field of the noncentrosymmetric superconductor BiPdDarren C. Peets; Maldonado, A; Enayat, M, et al
2016-05Overcoming the Fundamental Barrier Thickness Limits of Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions through BaTiO3/SrTiO3 Composite BarriersLingfei Wang; Myung Rae Cho; Yeong Jae Shin, et al
2016-01Thickness-dependent electronic structure in ultrathin LaNiO3 films under tensile strainHyang Keun Yoo; Seung Ill Hyun; Young Jun Chang, et al
2017-02Spin glass behavior in frustrated quantum spin system CuAl2O4 with a possible orbital liquid stateNirmala R.; Kwang-Hyun Jang; Hasung Sim, et al
2016-11Effect of microstructure and texture on the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of the melt-spun rare earth intermetallic compound DyNiR. Rajivgandhi; J. Arout Chelvane; A.K. Nigam, et al
2017-04Dxz/yz orbital subband structures and chiral orbital angular momentum in the (001) surface states of SrTiO3Shoresh Soltani; Soohyun Cho; Hanyoung Ryu, et al
2017-04Electron Number-Based Phase Diagram of Pr1-xLaCexCuO4-δ and Possible Absence of Disparity between Electron- and Hole-Doped Cuprate Phase DiagramsSong D.; Garam Han; Wonshik Kyung, et al
2017-04Photon energy dependent circular dichroism in angle-resolved photoemission from Au(111) surface statesHanyoung Ryu; Inkyung Song; Beomyoung Kim, et al
2017-06Jahn-Teller distortion driven magnetic polarons in magnetiteH.Y. Huang; Z.Y. Chen; R.-P. Wang, et al
2017-12Spin-Orbit Coupling and Interband Transitions in the Optical Conductivity of Sr2RhO4Luke J. Sandilands; Wonshik Kyung; So Yeun Kim, et al
2016-07Topological aspect of Kondo insulator SmB6T. Takimoto; Kihoon Lee
2015-11Suppression of Three-Dimensional Charge Density Wave Ordering via Thickness ControlGideok Kim; Michael Neumann; Minu Kim, et al
2015-11Plasmon-Enhanced Surface Photovoltage of ZnO/Ag NanogratingsMinji Gwon; Ahrum Sohn; Yunae Cho, et al
2016-01Spin-orbit coupling induced band structure change and orbital character of epitaxial IrO2 filmsWoo Jin Kim; So Yeun Kim; Choong Hyun Kim, et al
2015-12Infrared probe of spin-phonon coupling in antiferromagnetic honeycomb lattice compound Li2MnO3Seungjae Song; Sanghyun Lee; Seyoung Jeon, et al
2015-12Optical Spectroscopic Studies of the Metal-Insulator Transition Driven by All-In–All-Out Magnetic Ordering in 5d Pyrochlore Cd2Os2O7Chang Hee Sohn; Hogyun Jeong; Hosub Jin, et al
2015-12Atomic structure and growth mechanism of T1 precipitate in Al-Cu-Li-Mg-Ag alloySung Jin Kang; Kim T.-H.; Yang C.-W., et al
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