Journal Papers (저널논문)328

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-03Latent instabilities in metallic LaNiO 3 films by strain control of Fermi-surface topologyHyang Keun Yoo; Hyun S.I.; Moreschini L., et al
2015-04Initial defect configuration in NiO film for reliable unipolar resistance switching of Pt/NiO/Pt structureSoo-Hyon Phark; Seung Chul Chae
2015-03Dirac surface states and nature of superconductivity in Noncentrosymmetric BiPdZhixiang Sun; Mostafa Enayat; Ana Maldonado, et al
2015-03Insulating-layer formation of metallic LaNiO3 on Nb-doped SrTiO3 substrateHyang Keun Yoo; Chang Y.J.; Moreschini L., et al
2015-04Temperature dependence of the electronic transitions in BiFeO3 thin film studied by spectroscopic ellipsometryTae Dong Kang; Byung Chul Jeon; Moon S.J.
2017-10Topotactic Metal-Insulator Transition in Epitaxial SrFeOx Thin FilmsAmit Khare; Dongwon Shin; Tae Sup Yoo, et al
2017-08The low-temperature highly correlated quantum phase in the charge-density-wave 1T-TaS2 compoundMarie Kratochvilova; Adrian D. Hillier; Andrew R. Wildes, et al
2017-10Optical characterization of surface plasmon resonance of Pt nanoparticles in TiO2-SiO2 nanocomposite filmsTae.Dong Kang; Yoon J.-G.
2015-03Electronic structure of Li2 RuO3 studied by LDA and LDA+DMFT calculations and soft x-ray spectroscopyPchelkina Z.V.; Pitman A.L.; Moewes A., et al
2016-06Weyl fermions and spin dynamics of metallic ferromagnet SrRuO3Shinichi Itoh; Yasuo Endoh; Tetsuya Yokoo, et al
2015-06Novel high-Κ dielectrics for next-generation electronic devices screened by automated ab initio calculationsKanghoon Yim; Youn Yong; Joohee Lee, et al
2016-11Determination of the band parameters of bulk 2H-MX2 (M = Mo, W; X = S, Se) by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopyBeom Seo Kim; Jun-Won Rhim; Beomyoung Kim, et al
2016-12Enhanced superconductivity in surface-electron-doped iron pnictide Ba(Fe1.94Co0.06)2As2Wonshik Kyung; S. S. Huh; Toonyoung Koh, et al
2016-11Correlation between magnon and magnetic symmetries of hexagonal RMnO3 (R = Er, Ho, Lu)Thi Minh Hien Nguyen; Thi Huyen Nguyen; Xiang-Bai Chen, et al
2016-11Manifestations of Quasi-Two-Dimensional Metallicity in a Layered Ternary Transition Metal Chalcogenide Ti2PTe2Ji Seop Oh; Ho Sung Yoo; Chang-Jong Kang, et al
2016-02Hexagonal RMnO3: a model system for two-dimensional triangular lattice antiferromagnetsHasung Sim; Joosung Oh; Jaehong Jeong, et al
2016-03Ion-beam nanopatterning of silicon surfaces under codeposition of non-silicide-forming impuritiesMoon B.; Yoo S.; Kim J.-S., et al
2016-05Robust singlet dimers with fragile ordering in two-dimensional honeycomb lattice of Li2RuO3Junghwan Park; Teck-Yee Tan; D. T. Adroja, et al
2016-05Dynamics of a surface-modified miniaturized SiN mechanical resonator via a nanometer-scale pore arrayEun Joong Lee; Myung Rae Cho; Seunghwan Kim, et al
2016-05Collisional Dynamics of Half-Quantum Vortices in a Spinor Bose-Einstein CondensateSang Won Seo; Woo Jin Kwon; Seji Kang, et al
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