Center for Correlated Electron Systems(강상관계 물질 연구단)574

Center for Correlated Electron Systems강상관계 물질 연구단

The Center for Correlated Electrons Systems (CCES) focuses on realizing and understanding new exotic phases using oxide materials. Our research interests cover a wide range of subjects, such as superconductivity, topological properties, magnetism, and ferroelectricity. At the CCES we synthesize high quality single crystals, ultrathin films, and atomic-scale-controlled superlattices and we use state of the art techniques, including angle resolved photoemission and neutron spectroscopy to investigate the novel phases in strongly correlated electron systems. We use density functional theory and model calculations to predict and understand the observed phenomena. The combined efforts of several experimental groups and theory groups in the CCES will enhance our understanding of strongly correlated electron systems and their interfaces. We believe that our work will provide a new paradigm for condensed matter physics.


Center for Correlated Electron Systems(강상관계 물질 연구단)

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