Journal Papers (저널논문)132

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11Rescue of high-specificity Cas9 variants using sgRNAs with matched 5 ' nucleotidesSojung Kim; Taegeun Bae; Jaewoong Hwang, et al
2017-12CUT-PCR: CRISPR-mediated, ultrasensitive detection of target DNA using PCRSeung Hwan Lee; Jiyoung Yu; Gue Ho Hwang, et al
2016-06Synaptotagmin 1 Negatively Controls the Two Distinct Immune Secretory Pathways to Powdery Mildew Fungi in ArabidopsisHyeran Kim; Hyeokjin Kwon; Soohong Kim, et al
2016-11Knockout of the ribonuclease inhibitor gene leaves human cells vulnerable to secretory ribonucleasesSydney P. Thomas; Eunji Kim; Jin-Soo Kim, et al
2015-12Systemic immunity requires SnRK2.8-mediated nuclear import of NPR1 in arabidopsisHyo-Jun Lee; Young-Joon Park; Pil Joon Seo, et al
2015-12Targeted Genome Editing for Crop ImprovementHyeran Kim; Sang-Tae Kim; Sang-Gyu Kim, et al
2016-02Silencing Nicotiana attenuata LHY and ZTL alters circadian rhythms in flowersFelipe Yon; Youngsung Joo; Lucas Cortés Llorca, et al
2016-03Genome-wide target specificities of CRISPR-Cas9 nucleases revealed by multiplex Digenome-seqDaesik Kim; Sojung Kim; Sunghyun Kim, et al
2016-11Stem-piped light activates phytochrome B to trigger light responses in arabidopsis thaliana rootsLee H.-J.; Ha J.-H.; Sang-Gyu Kim, et al
2018-01Targeted knockout of a chemokine-like gene increases anxiety and fear responsesJung-Hwa Choi; Yun-Mi Jeong; Sujin Kim, et al
2018-10Towards therapeutic base editingHuiyun Seo; Jin-Soo Kim
2017-01Cas-Analyzer: an online tool for assessing genome editing results using NGS dataJeongbin Park; Kayeong Lim; Jin-Soo Kim, et al
2018-06Arrayed CRISPR screen with image-based assay reliably uncovers host genes required for coxsackievirus infectionHeon Seok Kim; Kyungjin Lee; Seong-Jun Kim, et al
2018-07Precision genome engineering through adenine base editing in plantsHighly Cited PaperBeum-Chang Kang; Jae-Young Yun; Sang-Tae Kim, et al
2014-07RNA-Guided Genome Editing in Drosophila with the Purified Cas9 ProteinJeong-Soo Lee; Su-Jin Kwak; Jungeun Kim, et al
2014-05A guide to genome engineering with programmable nucleasesHighly Cited PaperHyongbum Kim; Jin-Soo Kim
2014-08Hepatitis C Virus Entry Is Impaired by Claudin-1 Downregulation in Diacylglycerol Acyltransferase-1-Deficient CellsPil Soo Sung; Asako Murayama; Wonseok Kang, et al
2014-08Enrichment of cells with TALEN-induced mutations using surrogate reportersYoung-Hoon Kim; Suresh Ramakrishna; Hyongbum Kim, et al
2015-06Single geographic origin of a widespread autotetraploid arabidopsis arenosa lineage followed by interploidy admixtureArnold B.; Sang-Tae Kim; Bomblies K.
2015-05CRISPR germline engineering - The community speaksKatrine S Bosley; Michael Botchan; Annelien Bredenoord, et al
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