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Ayuki Kamada
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Reannihilation of self-interacting dark matter

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Reannihilation of self-interacting dark matter
Tobias Binder; Michael Gustafsson; Ayuki Kamada; Stefan Marinus Rodrigues Sandner; Max Wiesner
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PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v.97, no.12, pp.123004 -
American Physical Society
We explore the phenomenology of having a second epoch of dark matter annihilation into dark radiation long after the standard thermal freeze-out. Such a hidden reannihilation process could affect visible sectors only gravitationally. As a concrete realization we consider self-interacting dark matter (SIDM) with a light force mediator coupled to dark radiation. We demonstrate how resonantly Sommerfeld enhanced cross sections emerge to induce the reannihilation epoch. The effect is a temporally local modification of the Hubble expansion rate, and we show that the cosmic microwave background (CMB) measurements - as well as other observations - have a high sensitivity to observe this phenomenon. Special attention is given to the model region where late kinetic decoupling and strong self-interactions can alleviate several small-scale problems in the cold dark matter paradigm at the same time. Interestingly, we find that reannihilation might here also simultaneously lower the tension between CMB and low-redshift astronomical observations of H0 and σ8. Moreover, we identify reannihilation as a clear signature to discriminate between the phenomenologically otherwise almost identical vector and scalar mediator realizations of SIDM. © 2018 American Physical Society
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