Journal Papers (저널논문)170

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01Laboratory Study on Disconnection Events in CometsYan-Fei Li; Yu-Tong Li; Wei-Min Wang, et al
2017-11One-particle reducible contribution to the one-loop spinor propagator in a constant fieldAhmadiniaz, Naser; F.Bastianelli; O.Corradini, et al
2017-07Spin-flip processes and nondipole effects in above-threshold ionization of hydrogen in ultrastrong laser fieldsI. A. Ivanov
2017-07Measuring laser carrier-envelope-phase effects in the noble gases with an atomic hydrogen calibration standardChampak Khurmi; W. C. Wallace; Satya Sainadh U, et al
2017-07Angle-dependent time delay in two-color XUV+IR photoemission of He and NeI. A. Ivanov; A. S. Kheifets
2017-05Novel efficient THz undulator using a laser-driven wireKazuhisa Nakajima
2015-04Spatial-temporal evolution of the current filamentation instabilityV B Pathak; Grismayer, T; Stockem, A, et al
2015-04Strong terahertz emission from electromagnetic diffusion near cutoff in plasmaM-H Cho; Kim, YK; Suk, H, et al
2015-03Coherent transition radiation from thin targets irradiated by high intensity laser pulsesLee Jin Bae; Byeoung Ick Cho
2015-03Investigation of femtosecond collisional ionization rates in a solid-density aluminium plasmaVinko S.M.; Ciricosta O.; Preston T.R., et al
2015-03Laser-Driven Very High Energy Electron/Photon Beam Radiation Therapy in Conjunction with a Robotic SystemKazuhisa Nakajima; Yuan, JJ; Chen, LM, et al
2016-11Structural transformation of monocrystalline diamond driven by ultrashort laser pulsesZia U. Rehman; Karol Adam Janulewicz
2016-11Structural transformations in femtosecond laser-processed n-type 4H-SiCZia U. Rehman; Karol Adam Janulewicz
2016-06A novel laser-collider used to produce monoenergetic 13.3 MeV 7Li (d, n) neutronsZhao J.R.; Zhang X.P.; Yuan D.W., et al
2016-05Time evolution of the lateral-velocity distribution for a strong-field-ionization processI. A. Ivanov
2016-04Low-energy structures in strong-field ionizationI. A. Ivanov; Chang Hee Nam; Kyung Taec Kim
2016-03Scaling of ion spectral peaks in the hybrid RPA-TNSA regionK. F. Kakolee; Borghesi, M; Zepf, M, et al
2016-05100-kHz 22-fs Ti:sapphire regenerative amplification laser with programmable spectral controlJae Hee Sung; Hwang Woon Lee; Chang Hee Nam, et al
2016-01Dressed scalar propagator in a non-Abelian background from the worldline formalismNaser Ahmadiniaz; Bastianelli F.; Corradini O.
2016-02Field strength scaling in quasi-phase-matching of high-order harmonic generation by low-intensity assisting fieldsEmeric Balogh; Varju, K
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