Journal Papers (저널 논문)49

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07Multi-year predictability of climate, drought, and wildfire in southwestern North AmericaYoshimitsu Chikamoto; Axel Timmermann; Matthew J. Widlansky, et al
2018-11Polar amplification dominated by local forcing and feedbacksMalte F. Stuecker; Cecilia M. Bitz; Kyle C. Armour, et al
2018-08Local insolation changes enhance Antarctic interglacials: Insights from an 800,000-year ice sheet simulation with transient climate forcingMichelle Tigchelaar; Axel Timmermann; David Pollard, et al
2018-02Decadal Monsoon-ENSO Relationships ReexaminedKyung-Sook Yun; Axel Timmermann
2017-03Revisiting ENSO/Indian Ocean Dipole phase relationshipsMalte F. Stuecker; Axel Timmermann; Fei-Fei Jin, et al
2017-12(Un)predictability of strong El Nino eventsJohn Guckenheimer; Axel Timmermann; Henk Dijkstra, et al
2018-04Precession and atmospheric CO2 modulated variability of sea ice in the central Okhotsk Sea since 130,000 years agoLi Lo; Simon T. Belt; Julie Lattaud, et al
2017-09Influences of Boreal Summer Intraseasonal Oscillation on Heat Waves in Monsoon AsiaPang-Chi Hsu; June-Yi Lee; Ha, Kyung-Ja, et al
2019-08Diagnosing the representation and causes of the ENSO persistence barrier in CMIP5 simulationsTian B.; Ren H.-L.; Jin F.-F., et al
2019-07ENSO Regime Changes Responsible for Decadal Phase Relationship Variations Between ENSO Sea Surface Temperature and Warm Water VolumeZhang W.; Li S.; Jin F.-F., et al
2019-02Highly nonlinear wind waves in Currituck Sound: dense breather turbulence in random ocean wavesAlfred R. Osborne; Donald T. Resio; Andrea Costa, et al
2019-03Sea ice variability in the southern Norwegian Sea during glacial Dansgaard-Oeschger climate cyclesSadatzki H.; Dokken T.M.; Berben S.M.P., et al
2019-08Improved Predictability of the Indian Ocean Dipole Using Seasonally Modulated ENSO Forcing ForecastsZhao S.; Jin F.-F.; Malte F. Stuecker
2019-10Drivers of Late Pleistocene human survival and dispersal: an agent-based modeling and machine learning approachR. Vahdati A.; Weissmann J.D.; Timmermann A., et al
2019-10Modulation of tropical cyclones in the southeastern part of western North Pacific by tropical Pacific decadal variabilityLiu C.; Zhang W.; Geng X., et al
2019-09Antarctic iceberg impacts on future Southern Hemisphere climateSchloesser F.; Friedrich T.; Timmermann A., et al
2019-03Pantropical climate interactionsCai, WJ; Wu, LX; Lengaigne, M, et al
2019-05Saharan green corridors and Middle Pleistocene hominin dispersals across the Eastern Desert, SudanMasojć M.; Nassr A.; Kim J.Y., et al
2018-09Drivers of future seasonal cycle changes in oceanic pCO2M. Angeles Gallego; Axel Timmermann; Tobias Friedrich, et al
2018-07El Niño–Southern Oscillation complexityAxel Timmermann; An, Soon-Il; Kug, Jong-Seong, et al
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