Journal Papers (저널논문)111

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05Ion aggregation in high salt solutions. V. Graph entropy analyses of ion aggregate structure and water hydrogen bonding networkJun-Ho Choi; Minhaeng Cho
2016-06Site-Specific Characterization of Cytochrome P450cam Conformations by Infrared SpectroscopyEdward J. Basom; Michał Maj; Minhaeng Cho, et al
2016-06Water Structure at the Lipid Multibilayer Surface: Anionic Versus Cationic Head Group EffectsAchintya Kundu; Kyungwon Kwak; Minhaeng Cho
2016-07Computational Vibrational Spectroscopy of HDO in Osmolyte-Water SolutionsHochan Lee; Jun-Ho Choi; Pramod Kumar Verma, et al
2016-04RhCu 3D Nanoframe as a Highly Active Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction under Alkaline ConditionJongsik Park; Jongchan Kim; Yoojin Yang, et al
2016-05Enzymatic formation of carbohydrate rings catalyzed by single-walled carbon nanotubesMoon Seop Hyun; Jong Pil Park; Dongkyun Seo, et al
2016-03Porous β-MnO2 nanoplates derived from MnCO3 nanoplates as highly efficient electrocatalysts toward oxygen evolution reactionJun Kim; Ju Seong Kim; Hionsuck Baik, et al
2016-03Ultrafast Structural Fluctuations of Myoglobin-Bound Thiocyanate and Selenocyanate Ions Measured with Two-Dimensional Infrared Photon Echo SpectroscopyMichal Maj; Kwak, K; Minhaeng Cho
2016-08Crystal engineering of composite materialsKwangyeol Lee
2016-07Vibrational solvatochromism of nitrile infrared probes: beyond the vibrational Stark dipole approachBartosz Blasiak; Andrew W. Ritchie; Lauren J. Webb, et al
2017-03ACCORD: an assessment tool to determine the orientation of homodimeric coiled-coilsByeong-Won Kim; Yang Ouk Jung; Min Kyung Kim, et al
2016-08Synthesis of bare Pt3Ni nanorods from PtNi@Ni core-shell nanorods by acid etching: one-step surfactant removal and phase conversion for optimal electrochemical performance toward oxygen reduction reactionJisun Yoon; Jongsik Park; Young Jin Sa, et al
2016-08Unexpected solution phase formation of hollow PtSn alloy nanoparticles from Sn deposition on Pt dendritic structuresTaehyun Kwon; Jongsik Park; Hionsuck Baik, et al
2016-09Rational design of Pt-Ni-Co ternary alloy nanoframe crystals as highly efficient catalysts toward the alkaline hydrogen evolution reactionAram Oh; Young Jin Sa; Hyeyoun Hwang, et al
2016-09Ternary dendritic nanowires as highly active and stable multifunctional electrocatalystsYoojin Yang; Haneul Jin; Ho Young Kim, et al
2017-12Lanthanide metal-assisted synthesis of rhombic dodecahedral MNi (M = Ir and Pt) nanoframes toward efficient oxygen evolution catalysisHaneul Jin; Yongju Hong; Jisun Yoon, et al
2017-10Synthesis of compositionally tunable, hollow mixed metal sulphide CoxNiySz octahedral nanocages and their composition-dependent electrocatalytic activities for oxygen evolution reactionJun Kim; Haneul Jin; Aram Oh, et al
2017-08Cactus-Like Hollow Cu2-xS@Ru Nanoplates as Excellent and Robust Electrocatalysts for the Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution ReactionDonghwan Yoon; Jaeyoung Lee; Bora Seo, et al
2017-12Three-dimensional imaging of macroscopic objects hidden behind scattering media using time-gated aperture synthesisSungsoo Woo; Munkyu Kang; Changhyeong Yoon, et al
2017-12Selective Suppression of Stimulated Raman Scattering with Another Competing Stimulated Raman ScatteringDoyeon Kim; Dae Sik Choi; Jiwoong Kwon, et al
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