Journal Papers (저널논문)136

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12High-resolution adaptive optical imaging within thick scattering media using closed-loop accumulation of single scatteringSungsam Kang; Pilsung Kang; Seungwon Jeong, et al
2017-11Radially Phase Segregated PtCu@PtCuNi Dendrite@Frame Nanocatalyst for the Oxygen Reduction ReactionJongsik Park; Mrinal Kanti Kabiraz; Hyukbu Kwon, et al
2017-03Ultrafast fluxional exchange dynamics in electrolyte solvation sheath of lithium ion batteryKyung-Koo Lee; Kwanghee Park; Hochan Lee, et al
2017-03Control of randomly scattered surface plasmon polaritons for multiple-input and multiple-output plasmonic switching devicesWonjun Choi; Yonghyeon Jo; Joonmo Ahn, et al
2017-02Cobalt Assisted Synthesis of IrCu Hollow Octahedral Nanocages as Highly Active Electrocatalysts toward Oxygen Evolution ReactionTaehyun Kwon; Hyeyoun Hwang; Young Jin Sa, et al
2018-02Synthesis of organic semiconductor bearing B←N bridged thienylthiazole and diketopyrrolopyrrole for the applicaton of high open-circuit voltage organic photovoltaicsKa Yeon Ryu; Dan-Bi Sung; Suk-Young Won, et al
2016-02Competition between B-Z and B-L transitions in a single DNA molecule: Computational studiesAh-Young Kwon; Gi-Moon Nam; Albert Johner, et al
2016-04DFT computational investigation of tuning the electron donating ability in metal-free organic dyes featuring a thienylethynyl spacer for dye sensitized solar cellsDongkyun Seo; Kwang-Won Park; Jiyoon Kim, et al
2016-03Excited-state intramolecular proton transfer of 2-acetylindan-1,3-dione studied by ultrafast absorption and fluorescence spectroscopyPramod Kumar Verma; Steinbacher A.; Schmiedel A., et al
2016-05Enzymatic formation of carbohydrate rings catalyzed by single-walled carbon nanotubesMoon Seop Hyun; Jong Pil Park; Dongkyun Seo, et al
2016-08Luminescence dynamics of bound exciton of hydrogen doped ZnO nanowiresJinkyoung Yoo; Gyu-Chul Yi; Bonghwan Chon, et al
2016-08Depth-selective imaging of macroscopic objects hidden behind a scattering layer using low-coherence and wide-field interferometrySungsoo Woo; Sungsam Kang; Changhyeong Yoon, et al
2016-04RhCu 3D Nanoframe as a Highly Active Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction under Alkaline ConditionJongsik Park; Jongchan Kim; Yoojin Yang, et al
2017-02Studying Water Hydrogen-Bonding Network near the Lipid Multibilayer with Multiple IR ProbesAchintya Kundu; Pramod Kumar Verma; Jeong-Hyon Ha, et al
2018-01Three-beam double stimulated Raman scatteringsMinhaeng Cho
2017-04Modulating Ion Transport and Self-Assembly of Polymer Electrolytes via End-Group ChemistryHa Young Jung; Prithwiraj Mandal; Gyuha Jo, et al
2017-03Structure determination of the C-terminal fragment of yeast Ski7 using twinned crystal dataSi Hoon Park; Yong-Boo Kuk; Ji-Young Lee, et al
2018-01Anderson light localization in biological nanostructures of native silkSeung Ho Choi; Seong-Wan Kim; Zahyun Ku, et al
2018-10Interferometric Measurement of Transient Absorption and Refraction Spectra with Dual Frequency CombJunWoo Kim; Tai Hyun Yoon; Minhaeng Cho
2018-09Electronic Effect on the Molecular Motion of Aromatic Amides: Combined Studies Using VT-NMR and Quantum CalculationsKim, Sungsoo; Jungyu Kim; Kim, Jieun, et al
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