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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-10Mono-Uridylation of Pre-MicroRNA as a Key Step in the Biogenesis of Group II let-7 MicroRNAsInha Heo; Minju Ha; Jaechul Lim, et al
2012-11LIN28A Is a Suppressor of ER-Associated Translation in Embryonic Stem CellsJun Cho; Hyeshik Chang; S. Chul Kwon, et al
2012-12Graphene Oxide Sheath on Ag Nanoparticle/Graphene Hybrid Films as an Antioxidative Coating and Enhancer of Surface-Enhanced Raman ScatteringYoung-Kwan Kim; Sang Woo Han; Dal-Hee Min
2013-01Bringing single-molecule spectroscopy to macromolecular protein complexesChirlmin Joo; Mohamed Fareh; V. Narry Kim
2013-02Discovery of Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Helicase Inhibitors by a Multiplexed, High-Throughput Helicase Activity Assay Based on Graphene OxideHongje Jang; Soo-Ryoon Ryoo; Young-Kwan Kim, et al
2013-03Desorption of single-stranded nucleic acids from graphene oxide by disruption of hydrogen bondingJoon Soo Park; Hee-Kyung Na; Dal-Hee Min, et al
2013-04The effective nuclear delivery of doxorubicin from dextran-coated gold nanoparticles larger than nuclear poresHongje Jang; Soo-Ryoon Ryoo; Kostarelos, Kostas, et al
2013-04A New Helicase Assay Based on Graphene Oxide for Anti-Viral Drug DevelopmentHongje Jang; Soo-Ryoon Ryoo; Min Jae Lee, et al
2013-05UV protection of reduced graphene oxide films by TiO2 nanoparticle incorporationYoung-Kwan Kim; Dal-Hee Min
2013-06Selective Degradation of Host MicroRNAs by an Intergenic HCMV Noncoding RNA Accelerates Virus ProductionSanghyun Lee; Jaewon Song; Sungchul Kim, et al
2013-07Biomedical Applications of Graphene and Graphene OxideHighly Cited PaperCHUL CHUNG; YOUNG-KWAN KIM; DOLLY SHIN, et al
2013-07Quantitative and multiplexed microRNA sensing in living cells based on peptide nucleic acid and nano graphene oxide (PANGO)Ryoo S.-R.; Lee J.; Jinah Yeo, et al
2013-09The RNA-binding protein repertoire of embryonic stem cellsHighly Cited PaperS. Chul Kwon; Hyerim Yi; Eichelbaum, Katrin, et al
2013-09Deoxyribozyme-loaded nano-graphene oxide for simultaneous sensing and silencing of the hepatitis C virus gene in liver cellsSeongchan Kim; Soo-Ryoon Ryoo; Hee-Kyung Na, et al
2013-12The RNA Polymerase II C-terminal Domain-interacting Domain of Yeast Nrd1 Contributes to the Choice of Termination Pathway and Couples to RNA Processing by the Nuclear ExosomeDong-hyuk Heo; Inhea Yoo; Jiwon Kong, et al
2013-12TALEN-based knockout library for human microRNAsYoung-Kook Kim; Gabbine Wee; Joha Park, et al
2014-01Facile synthesis and intraparticle self-catalytic oxidation of dextran-coated hollow Au-Ag nanoshell and its application for chemo-thermotherapyHongje Jang; Young-Kwan Kim; Hyun Huh, et al
2014-02A Phosphate-Binding Pocket within the Platform-PAZ-Connector Helix Cassette of Human DicerYuan Tian; Dhirendra K. Simanshu; Jin-Biao Ma, et al
2014-03TAIL-seq: Genome-wide determination of poly(A) tail length and 3' end modificationsHyeshik Chang; Jaechul Lim; Minju Ha, et al
2014-03MeCP2 Caught Moonlighting as a Suppressor of MicroRNA ProcessingJae-Sung Woo; Vic Narry Kim
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